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How to politely decline a job offer

Finding offers that may interest you at a glance will be common if you are actively looking for a job. Just as there will be companies that reject your application, there will be others that show a special interest in your profile and resume. In these cases, you will be faced with two types of situations: those in which you get to do an interview and others in which the interest will come to nothing.

When you do a job interview and the company makes you an offer, it will be up to you to accept it or not. If yes, the commitment is very relative, since you can decide to reject it after accepting it. For this, it is best not to close doors for the future. It all depends on how you do it. Find out how to politely decline a job offer and what words to use to decline a job by reading this article.

How to turn down a job offer after an interview

The fear of rejecting a job after doing the corresponding interview is shared by many people. To remove this fear, it is essential to know how to say no to a job with courtesy and elegance. Following a series of guidelines, it will be easier for you.

To reject a job offer without looking bad, we recommend that you follow these instructions:

  1. Before communicating your decision, write down the reasons why you want to reject the offer after the interview. You do not have to literally tell the interviewer: it is only so that you have very clear ideas.
  2. The best way to decline a job offer is in person. So, request an appointment with the person who has interviewed you. If this is not possible, opt for a phone call and, ultimately, by email.
  3. You must be very clear about what words to use to reject a job. In this sense, bet on sincerity and be as concise as possible. Do not beat around the bush: you can be polite and direct at the same time. Take the opportunity to thank the treatment received and the opportunity offered.
  4. Comment the reasons why you have decided to reject the job offer. Do not comment in any case that the company does not offer what you are looking for, but that your personal conditions are those that do not fit the offer to be able to accept it.
  5. Say goodbye thanking the time invested and wishing luck to the company. Try to ask them to keep your CV for future offers in the face of a possible change in your current situation that allows you to accept it.

Remember that personal treatment is always more valuable than telephone and email. The company will appreciate this gesture of commitment and the value you give to the offer.

How to reject an already accepted job offer

Rejecting a job after signing an offer letter , even after accepting it, is possible without affecting your image before the company. There are different ways to achieve this:

  • Commitment to the current job : tell the company that you are satisfied with your current position. It is a way of expressing your work commitment and demonstrating your professionalism, for which you will be well valued and, probably, they will save your CV for the future.
  • Stable job : you are looking for job stability and you have achieved it with your current job by signing a permanent contract. Notifying the company that has been interested in your profile is a good argument for rejecting the offer, especially if it is a temporary contract.
  • Develop yourself professionally : if you feel fulfilled with your current job and you don’t feel the need to change it, sincerity is an added value. Notifying the company is the most natural way to reject the proposal without having to close options in the future.
  • Economic aspects : you may not be convinced by the salary offered. If this is the only reason you want to decline the proposal, say so politely and clearly. Both things are not exclusive.
  • Personal problems : the family situations of each person are unknown by the companies. Therefore, allege this reason if the offer is not really compatible with your current life, especially if the company is located in another city.

How to write a job rejection letter

Do you need examples to politely decline a job offer ? The theory exposed so far may seem easy to apply, but the practice is not so. Therefore, we help you with the following tips:

  • Honesty : Be clear at all times. Don’t mislead the company or make excuses for turning down the offer. The truth will always be more valuable than the lie.
  • Communicate in person : only if it is not possible, do it by phone. In any case, you must leave a written record of the rejection of the offer so that there is no confusion or your word is questioned.
  • Education : Be polite and don’t lose your temper at any time. Your image is important and the company will keep it in mind before a new offer in the future.

sample letter to reject a job

After communicating in person or by phone your rejection of the offer, send an email similar to the following so that your decision to reject the job is recorded in writing:


The reason for this email is to respond to the job offer for position xxx for which we conducted an interview in the office on day xx/xx/xx.

I am sorry to inform you that, after analyzing the offer in depth, I must reject it. Although I would like to work for this company, I currently need to focus on achieving my career goals and the position offered falls short of them. However, I appreciate your kindness during the interview and the company made a great impression on me. Therefore, I would like you to keep my CV in case in the future you have a vacancy that fits into my employment plans.

My most sincere thanks for your dedication and time.


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