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What does death insurance cover?

Any death of a loved one is a hard time for family and relatives, a process that must be completed concentrating on the mourning and the accompaniment of the last goodbye. However, there are many procedures that must be carried out during these difficult times, so the best way to prevent your relatives from having to deal with these issues at such a difficult time is by taking out death insurance. But what does death insurance cover? There are many possibilities depending on the policy contracted, through a death insurance comparator you can choose the option that best suits your demands and needs. We tell you about the death insurance coverage.

What does death insurance cover? – know the coverage

Death or death insurance is a type of policy designed to cover any expense associated with the death of the insured , with the capital that he has insured up to the time of his death. Thanks to this investment, relatives, relatives and heirs will receive basic services such as the funeral home, coffin, obituaries, hearse and burial or cremation, depending on the will of the deceased, among other benefits. Likewise, the death insurance will help you carry out all the essential administrative procedures at the time of the death of the insured.

On the other hand, using a death insurance comparator you will be able to check the different conditions, services and coverage that you can obtain in addition to the basic ones, depending on the quota of each policy, among them some interesting ones such as the online will or the end of the digital life, among others.

What does death insurance cover? - What does death insurance cover? - know the coverage

What does death insurance cover? – basic benefits

The basic coverage that includes death insurance may vary depending on the town where the insured resides or the place where you want to have the burial. However, all the policies have, fundamentally, the funeral service and administrative procedures as unavoidable coverage.

funeral service

The provision of the funeral service that is included in any death insurance policy includes everything related to the burial. From the coffin, to the hearse, the funeral home, the flowers, the diffusion of obituaries and the burial or cremation expenses. In the event that a religious burial is held, it would also fall within said benefits.

In the case of choosing burial or burial, the insurance will also include a temporary niche as a basic benefit, although you can include a perpetual niche in your contract. Another service that will vary depending on the type of death insurance contracted will be the burial or tombstone. Some insurers, for their part, also offer the possibility of including services such as music during the funeral, a guest book or even catering.

Likewise, it is important to make clear in the policy conditions the selection of the funeral home, which may be chosen by both the insured and the family members in case it has not been previously established, as well as the location where said funeral services will be carried out. Regarding the locality, the guarantees and quotas of the death insurance may vary.

red tape

Administrative procedures are basic coverage of any death insurance. We refer to all those bureaucratic procedures that must be carried out after the death. The policy guarantees said coverage and makes available to family members and close friends a team of professionals in charge of all the paperwork related to the death and burial. However, and even if it is a basic service, it is important to check when taking out the insurance if it is a total or partial service, given that this management, in some cases, can simply be reduced to expert advice.

Among the steps or procedures that will be covered after the death of the insured, the following stand out:

  • Application for the death certificate.
  • Application for widow’s or orphan’s pension.
  • Get out of the family book.
  • Withdrawal from social security.
  • Death certificates and wills.
  • Assignment of inheritances.

What does death insurance cover? – optional features

The optional coverage of death or death insurance will depend on each insurer and also on the needs and/or expectations of the insured. If you want to expand your powers, interesting options can be added to the policy that, although they may entail a higher insurance cost, can be of great help to relatives and relatives in order to carry out the management of the burial.

Transfer of the deceased

This option basically consists of the transfer of the deceased and a companion from the place where the death occurred to the town where the burial is desired. The coverage can be national or international, always to review in the selected policy. This is an interesting option for those people who live far from their hometown and wish to return to their origin once they have defined. Likewise, many insurers include the repatriation option , perfect for all those people who no longer reside in their country of origin or who spend long periods of time abroad.

Accidents and travel assistance

Some death insurance offers, as an additional option to the basic policy, the possibility of insuring accidents, which includes compensation for death or disability due to an accident.

On the other hand, many death insurances can have travel assistance coverage. This includes medical expenses, extension of stay due to accident, early return to the country of origin from any trip being made due to the death of a family member, as well as repatriation of the insured due to accident or illness.

Other coverages

In addition to all the aforementioned coverages, there are many other additional guarantees and coverages, such as the online will or the digital end of life. If you want to get a complete policy, use a death insurance comparator.

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