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What Is The EPC Light On A Volkswagen And What Does It Tell Us?

Current vehicles have increasingly dispensed with mechanical elements in favor of electronic ones, which through microchips, sensors and control units have come to have complete control.

Little by little, the mechanical simplicity of cars that prevailed in the 60s, 70s and 80s has been losing prominence to the benefit of sophisticated electronic systems capable of measuring, analyzing and managing any parameter related to their operation.

From the engine, to the tires, the brakes or the suspensions, today’s cars are capable of identifying any type of anomaly or maladjustment that recommends a palliative or repairing intervention.

The EPC Witness is one of these vehicle status control elements associated with the electric control unit (ECU) and that we can find on the dashboard of modern vehicles. The EPC (Electronic Power Control) or electronic engine system light indicates a fault that needs to be repaired . In addition, the EPC prevents further damage from occurring, having the ability to stop the engine if it sees fit.

Is the EPC failure of our car serious?

The EPC warning light can come on for multiple reasons and each of them will have a different severity. Similarly, each brand prioritizes a type of failure.

For example, the most common thing in a Mercedes is that the EPC warning light comes on in our dashboard when there has been a fault in the engine’s fuel injection system , one of the most important when it comes to obtaining optimal performance. of it and in which there are many components that must work with total precision.

In VAG Group vehicles, the most common is that the problem is related to the power delivery . Other possible causes are a problem with the crankshaft or component temperature, throttle, traction control, or brakes. Each case will be analyzed by the electronic system to determine its seriousness and if it is necessary to stop and block the engine to avoid serious damage.

Whether we can circulate or not, when the EPC warning light comes on we must go to a mechanical workshop so that a professional can carry out a diagnosis and determine the origin of the problem.

It is best to scrupulously comply with the maintenance and parts replacement schedule to avoid problems, since prevention and anticipation allow many problems to be solved and, above all, they will save us a lot of money.



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