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How to get rid of Ouija boards

Ouija boards are used to connect with the spirit world. Due to the Ouija board’s possible abilities to connect with the spirit world, a simple burial ceremony is the most recommended method of Ouija board removal . Ouija boards are often related to the ground and the earth, and therefore it will be more effective to silence it on the ground. With a few household items and care, a Ouija board can be quickly removed.

You will need to:

  •  Sea salt or table salt

Steps to follow:


Sprinkle the Ouija board with sea salt. If you only have table salt, that’s enough. Cover the Ouija board thoroughly with the salt and let it sit there for a day or two. The salt attracts energy and will absorb any excess energy residing on the board.


Brush the table salt into a trash can. The salt must have absorbed all the latent energy on the board at that time.


Bury the Ouija board in the ground. Dig a hole big enough for the Ouija board to fit perfectly. The hole should be about a foot or two deep. Cover the Ouija board thoroughly with soil.

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  • Using holy water or salt to sprinkle on the board is recommended if it is available to you.
  • Many people who study the paranormal recommend that you do not burn a Ouija board.


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