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Small Laundry Room Ideas With Top Loading Washer

In a small space, use the limited square footage to add a splash of color to your laundry room. Paint the walls a contrasting color. A few colorful pots and hanging drying racks can add a pop of color and interest. Also, use a butcher-block slab for additional storage. A painted cabinet can be the focal point. The white cabinets will keep the area clean and organized.

The wall above your machine should be plain and unadorned. A plain blond wood plank is the perfect accent, especially if you’re using a taupe wall color. You can also hang apothecary jars or subway tiles over the door. A plant will add life to your room as well. Once you’ve finished painting, start planning the rest of the room’s decor.

If you’re working with a limited space, you can add a small wall organizer to hold keys, mail, and other essentials. You can also install a pull-out drying rack and wall-mounted ironing board. A combination of these two items will create a space that’s not only functional but also stylish. You can hide the machine behind a wall with a decorative sign. In addition to a wall-mounted washing machine, you can also install a stackable washer-dryer into a walk-in closet to save space.

small laundry room ideas with top loading washer

When designing a laundry room, consider its purpose. It can be a storage space or a place to hang your clothes. You can even incorporate a small sink for hand-washing or hanging them on racks. A window over your washer will allow you to see small stains and flower arrangements. You can even install an elevated platform for extra back support. Adding a cozy area for your pets is also a good idea.

To maximize space, consider installing a stacking washer and dryer. This will free up floor space and create a more functional space. Having one machine in the laundry room will help you organize your supplies in a more efficient manner. It will also give you more storage options. You can choose a washer and dryer that match the needs of your home and the size of your space. This will make it more functional and convenient for you.

Consider a wall organizer for your laundry. A wall organizer will keep all your laundry off of your countertops and floor. You can also use crates for storage. They can double as drying racks. A wall-mounted drying rack is great for delicates or heavy-duty days. The space below the stairs is usually decent size and will not take up much visual real estate. A few ideas will help you organize your laundry room while saving space.

If your family has a large number of children, consider adding a second washer and dryer. This will help you reduce the amount of time you spend doing laundry. If you have a large family, consider doubling the number of machines to save on space. The space under the stairs can be a great place for a laundry. Oftentimes, this space is suitable for a laundry area. There is space under the stairs and a closet.

If you have a small space, you can maximize wall space for storage. Wall space near the washing machine can be used for storing laundry accessories. A slim trolley cart can be used for storing other items, such as clothes pins, in a smaller laundry room with a top loading washer. This can be stored away in a convenient spot. If you do not have sufficient wall space, a closed cabinetry sink is the perfect solution.

Aside from the storage baskets, you can also make use of the space by installing wall shelves above the machines. A wall shelf in the door window can be used to store items, while a woven basket in the corner can serve as a place for keys. Besides the shelves, you can also use the wall space to add a decorative feature such as a mudroom. The mudroom will not only add to the space of the laundry room, but it will also make cleaning easier.



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