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The development of new technologies is ahead of the capabilities of the financial markets. For this reason, more and more companies are demanding the services of analysts dedicated to this sector.

What is a financial analyst?

A financial analyst is a person specialized in interpreting economic data in order to guide clients in making decisions and thus maximize their benefits. A good professional in the sector must not only be able to diagnose the current situation of the company, but also anticipate future scenarios and advise on decision-making that could affect the organization’s results.

These professionals use the information provided by different agencies, government entities, companies and institutions in the sector to carry out their duties. Both your training and your professional skills are essential to know how to interpret this data and prepare reports that are useful to clients to know what is happening in the sector and what they should invest their efforts in to obtain the greatest possible benefit in the future .

How to be a financial analyst?

In order to meet the expectations of this job, in addition to having the necessary mathematical knowledge to carry out their functions, these professionals must have certain qualities :

Duties of a financial analyst

It turns out to be a very versatile profession, because one of the advantages of being a financial analyst is being able to provide your services to both the buyer and the seller.

In the case of providing its services to a buyer , its function will be to advise on investment matters. To do this, you must be able to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to calculate risk factors, using mathematical and statistical models that help you predict future scenarios.

Instead, when working for a salesperson , you will study the execution of current investments by preparing reports and making recommendations on them. In this sense, it is very common that in the performance of this task there is close contact with other financial analysts dedicated to the purchasing sector, with the aim of expanding their financing. Your job will be to argue how beneficial it would be for your customers to invest in the products your company sells.

Generally, financial analysts working in the purchasing sector tend to collaborate with companies whose main objective is to expand their investment strategy. While, professionals dedicated to sales, usually work for companies in the financial sector.

A good analysis of the market and the company’s investments can allow the analyst to promote the future of the company and maximize its benefits in the short, medium and long term. For this reason, the figure of a financial advisor is in such high demand among companies in any sector.

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