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GO Snapshot in Pokemon GO: what is it and how to take a photo

One of the functions that makes the most of the Augmented Reality of Pokémon GO is GO Snapshot . The possibility of taking pictures of our creatures in their natural environment has been improving over time and has been integrated in a very organic and natural way in the Niantic game for iOS and Android. On the occasion of the new temporary event to celebrate the premiere of New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch, which has its own missions and rewards , we tell you what the called function Snapshot and how we can take photos of our companions.

What is GO Instant in Pokémon GO

Broadly speaking, we are talking about a simple way to take photos of any of the Pokémon that we have captured. To activate it is very easy: just choose a specific Pokémon in our list and tap on the camera function; Another alternative is that we go to the Bag , select among all the objects the Camera and activate the function.

Once we have finished, all our photos will be saved on our device automatically, so we do not have to save them one by one if we have granted our Smartphone access to the camera. Thus, we can share them very easily on our social networks, because Pokémon GO has direct integration with Twitter and Facebook with a simple account link.

GO Snapshot Types: Normal and RA+

There are two types of photos through the Augmented Reality of Snapshot GO. On the one hand, the usual one, which is activated by default in any terminal that has a camera. The functions range from the possibility of touching a Pokémon to play with it, take photos (10 for each session) or go out.

On the other hand, we have Augmented Reality + (AR+) , compatible on Apple phones with iOS 11 or higher (from iPhone 6) or on Android devices that have the ARCore app installed. You can check the list of compatible here . The advantages of RA +, in addition to being more realistic, is that it allows us to place the Pokémon as we want; change its angle, distance, wait for it, touch it, take a photo…

Finally, the surprise encounter or Photobomb is something that happens rarely. We are talking about surprise encounters in either of the two Augmented Reality modes, such as the notorious case of Smeargle . We explain all the details here.



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