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How to get more dwellers in fallout shelter

We tell you everything you need to know about the Vault Dwellers, those who will live under your generous protection… or your terrible cruelty.

Vault Dwellers are your main asset in Fallout Shelter . They are the ones who will generate the resources you need to improve your facilities. That is why it is very important to be clear about what we can do with each of them.

Basic concepts

Dwellers in Fallout Shelter: how to get the best ones, put them to work...

Each one of your Dwellers shares a series of characteristics that you should be clear about , since they are applicable to all the others. You will learn these basic concepts quickly, and in case you have any questions, we are going to talk about them in detail:


By putting yourself on the name of any of the Dwellers, you can change their name whenever you want . This may seem like one more frivolity, but it can be very useful to you. For example, you can give your best scientist a distinctive name , to instantly identify him while searching for him and assign him to a convenient spot on the spot. And well, and to the strange things that each one has in mind.


Dwellers will naturally level up as you progress through the game. You don’t have to do anything special for this, just play and the Dwellers will level up . Every time you reach a level, you will get a number of caps equal to the level reached (2 caps for level 2, 3 caps for level 3…)

Life and radiation level

  • If the health level reaches zero, the Vault Dweller will die. Health is restored with Stims .
  • The radiation level directly affects the status of the Dweller in question and is healed with RadAway .
  • Both of these problems can, in principle, be cured naturally, but whenever you can, use items .
  • If a pregnant woman is sick from radiation, she will pass the levels to the baby , so make sure you treat her.


Determines the Dweller’s effectiveness in performing his task. The more happiness, the more productivity . A survivor of the nuclear holocaust is a survivor who will give us valuable things.

The happiness level of the Dwellers increases as follows:

  • Assigning a job to the Dweller. Better if it is one in which you stand out.
  • Keep the Dweller in good health (heals his health and radiation level, keep him fed…).
  • Solving Incidents quickly.
  • Having a relationship with another Dweller (intimate).


The SPECIAL is back! As in the other installments of the saga, Fallout Shelter determines the attributes of our character with the acronym SPECIAL, which refers to the following attributes:

  • Forces)
  • Perception (P)
  • Resistance (E)
  • Charisma (C)
  • Intelligence (I)
  • Agility (A)
  • Luck (L)

All rooms in the Refuge have one of these attributes associated with them. The higher the value of that attribute in the Dweller that we assign to that room, the more productive it will be and the better items we will get .


There are three types of Dweller:

  • Common
  • Queer
  • Legendary

The Dweller’s rarity determines its SPECIAL points . The higher the rarity, the higher the number of maximum points. The rarity of the Dweller is somewhat random, there are no ways to get the rarer ones easily, except with certain Objectives that will always offer a Dweller of this level as a reward.

Assign Dwellers

The truth is that you don’t have to be an engineer to understand how this works.

  • You select the Dweller.
  • You drag him into a room. As you stand on it, you will see one of the SPECIAL letters light up, indicating the dominant value in that room.
  • The higher the dominant SPECIAL value of that room, the better result the new Dweller will offer.
  • If the room is already maxed out with “workers” and there is a Dweller with a lower dominant SPECIAL value than the one you placed, it will replace it (i.e. with max workers, the new worker replaces the “weakest” ).


Each Dweller can be equipped with Suits/Armor and Weapons , as well as stimpaks and RadAway.

  • Both Weapons and Armor are earned like any other item , so you’ll get them naturally as you play Shelter .
  • Weapons are necessary to defend against monsters and looters.
  • Armors increase our SPECIAL.
  • Stimpaks and RadAway are essential if we’re sending Dwellers out to explore the Wasteland , to keep them from dying.

How to get new dwellers

Obviously, getting new dwellers is a task that will quickly become a priority. In general, it is not necessary to carry out anything in particular, although the process to have children is somewhat complicated.

In short, to get new inhabitants you must do the following:

  • Get them from Tarteras.
  • Enabling the Radio Studio room and putting a Dweller in charge of it.
  • Sometimes, randomly, a new Dweller may just appear in your Haven.
  • Having children.

Keep in mind that if your Haven already has 200 Dwellers (the maximum) you won’t be able to accept anyone else, nor will pregnant women give birth .

How to have children

A great way to increase your number of Dwellers and also have a Dweller inherit the abilities of your existing ones (ie have the potential to be better than their separate parents) is by having children.

  • The first thing is that two Dwellers of different sex must work in the same room (there is no concept of assisted reproduction or surrogacy in Shelter ).
  • These two Dwellers must also sleep in the same room .
  • If several workers of different sex work in the same room and, in addition, these same people share a room , it is possible that they pair up as you do not want.
  • Once they spend enough time together, the characters will become close .
  • The result will be the pregnancy of the female Dweller.
  • Pregnancy lasts three hours of real time . During the process, the pregnant woman cannot fight .
  • After giving birth, it takes another three hours for the baby to become an adult and start being useful to the Haven.

death of the dwellers

A Dweller will never leave the Haven of their own free will . You can throw them out to make room for better or new ones, but they won’t go away no matter how badly you treat them. However, they can die if you neglect them too much.

The causes of the death of a Dweller are:

  • Radiation damage.
  • Effect of not solving an Incident.
  • For exploring the Wasteland and running out of stimulants.
  • Dwellers cannot die of old age .

When a Dweller dies, you have three options:

  • Resurrect with a given cap cost.
  • Remove it (same as Soylent Green).
  • Leave it where it is. This is by far the worst option, because it will lower Dweller Happiness until you remove it.


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