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How to get PS4 out of safe mode? [EXTENSIVE GUIDE]

Are you stuck in the PS4 safe mode loop ? Or have no idea how to get PS4 out of safe mode?

Well, PS4 safe mode is helpful in fixing various PS4 issues. But if you somehow get stuck in PS4 safe mode and wondering how to get rid of this problem, then I am here to help you.

Also, no one can afford the data loss associated with PS4 safe mode not working issue . Therefore, through this post, I am going to share some amazing tricks to get out of PS4 safe mode. Apart from this, you will get all the details about PS4 safe mode .

What is PS4 safe mode?

PS4 Safe Mode helps you boot up your system by activating some of the most basic features. When any problem occurs in PS4 system or PS4 console won’t start , you can fix the problem via safe mode.

Using the safe mode option, one can easily fix different problems of their PS4 console.

The PS4 safe mode menu is included with the following options: change the resolution of the console, restore the device to factory settings and rebuild its storage database.

Please note Safe mode options cause data loss situations. Therefore, always try to keep a proper backup of all PS4 system data on your USB storage device or external hard drive. Therefore, before switching PS4 out of safe mode , keep a backup of your entire data.

Why is PS4 safe mode not working?

When you activate safe mode on PS4 , only some basic system processes start working. These processes are very important for its operation.

PS4 safe mode not working situations arise due to system error redundancy . Because PS4 got stuck in the “ loop ” or starts booting continuously in safe mode.

Unfortunately, if your PS4 console is also in the unbootable state or you can’t get back to normal mode, then you have to take the risk.

I think it’s better to take a risk compared to completely abandoning the use of the PS4 console.

How to get out of PS4 safe mode?

If you’re stuck in the PS4 Safe Mode loop , it’s obvious that you’ll have a hard time resuming playback.

Don’t worry, there are some of the best applicable fixes available to get out of PS4 safe mode .

Let’s get to know each of these fixes in detail…!

Solution 1 – Restart PS4

Reboot PS4 method helps you get out of PS4 safe mode . After doing this, restart the PS4 system normally.

From the opened Safe Mode window, you can choose the Reboot PS4 option to get out of Safe Mode.

how to get ps4 out of safe mode

Solution 2 – Change resolution

With the change resolution option , you can set the PS4 screen resolution to its default resolution i.e. 480P . It is seen that PS4 got stuck in safe mode too due to the resolution issue.

Ultimately, this option will help you resolve PS4 display screen issues such as a blank screen . You are also likely to face an issue setting up the HDMI connections between the TV and the PS4.

This will lead to resolution mismatch situation, for example, it will choose higher resolution 1080P for 720P TV .

After exiting PS4 safe mode, you can set the proper resolution from the settings menu.

Solution 3 – Update system software

If your PS4 experiences Internet connection loss while updating firmware or not updating for a long time. In such a situation, you need to manually update the software.

By updating your PS4 system software, you can easily fix various PS4 errors and issues .

PS4 software update is also mandatory because it is impossible to continue with the classic update procedure . But if you are already in a situation where PS4 is not working , it is impossible to update it normally.

In that case, you need to manually download the PS4 system software from the official Sony website .

After the download process is complete, connect your USB storage devices, such as a hard drive or pen drive . Now transfer the updated file you just downloaded.

  • On your USB stick, create a folder named PS4 and within it create a subfolder named UPGRADE . Now copy the downloaded file to this UPDATE subfolder .
  • After that, change your update file inside the previously existing PS4UPDATE.PUP folder of your PS4 system.
  • Start the PS4 console. Now, from the safe mode window, you need to choose the Update system software option.

Note: If the update is not recognized, please check whether you have saved the updated file in the correct folder within the PS4 system or not.

Solution 4 – Restore default settings

Restore Default Settings drag your PS4 back to factory default settings.

Don’t worry, this option won’t erase any of your PS4 data because it doesn’t perform a permanent factory reset.

With this option, settings such as time, dates, etc. are reset. So all in all it is a good option to choose to break the PS4 safe mode loop.

Solution 5 – Rebuild the database

With this option, you can perform an easy scan on your PS4 drive and then create fresh data of all content on the PS4 system.

It is a very effective method to clean up unwanted PS4 data . Ultimately, this will improve the performance of the PS4 system and you can easily get out of PS4 safe mode.

After this, you can use this database rebuild option to fix issues like PS4 games freezing or frame rate drops.

Note: Depending on the number and type of data items, the database rebuild process may take time to complete. So don’t be impatient.

Solution 6 – Initialize PS4

You need to be careful with this PS4 initialization method as it will delete all your PS4 game data.

It will delete all PS4 game data, saved images and also system settings. Therefore, it will be better if you keep proper backup of your PS4 system data on secondary storage devices before tackling this solution.

The PS4 initialization method will erase all data on your PS4 for easy PS4 restore to original state. But don’t worry, the software that is currently running is completely intact. So in general, you can use this method to fix system not working PS4 or get out of PS4 safe mode.

Solution 7 – Initialize PS4 (reinstall system software)

This option is quite similar to the Initialize PS4 method . Using this will also delete all PS4 game data, saved images and also system settings. Therefore, it will be better if you keep proper backup of your PS4 system data on secondary storage devices before tackling this solution.

It will also bring your PS4 system back to its original state, but the only difference is that this option will also remove your PS4 firmware.

Solution 8 – Set HDCP mode

HDCP is too small for high-bandwidth digital content protection . This mode encrypts the data of the HDMI video stream coming from the HD video device.

If you can’t see the 4k images, it is very likely that you have connected the PS4 with the 4K TV which doesn’t support HDCP 2.2.

To view the images you can use this option to configure HDCP 1.40.

This whole problem arises because 4k image can only support HDCP 2.2 display , but this will set the video resolution limit to 1080p.

Solution 9 – Rebuild damaged files

Rebuilding the database is a time-consuming process and also depends on how much data you have stored on the PS4 system.

If none of the above methods work then the issue arises due to corrupt PS4 data.

So, from the safe mode menu, you need to choose the Rebuild damaged files option . This will create a new database for the PS4 system without damaging any previous data.

You have to wait a bit as PS4 file rebuild takes time. After the process is finished, don’t forget to restart your PC.

Solution 10 – Check the power supply and supplies

Keep holding the power button on your PlayStation until the flashing light turns off.

Try unplugging the power cable from the PS4 and then plugging it back in. Please remove the HDMI cable and whether the end connected with TV/PS4 is receiving power supply or not.

Solution 11 – Check the connected cables

Another method to get PS4 out of safe mode is by checking all the cable connections.

The issue is getting out of PS4 safe mode sometimes also occurs due to wrong power supply, damaged USB device or HDMI cable.

So, you need to check all these things to find out the culprit behind PS4 Safe Mode loop.

Other than this, you can also connect the USB/power/HDMI cables to some other socket or ports.

If any of the wires appear to be broken, replace them immediately.

To wrap:

It is difficult to find out the exact cause of the PS4 safe mode looping issue . So here it is suggested to try all the listed fixes one by one.

In addition to that, if the problem persists, visit the official PlayStation support page and ask about your problem.

If your PS4 console is under warranty period, you will get free repair or replacement benefit.



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