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How to increase girth size fast naturally

Every man is looking for an increase in penis girth and the ladies out there definitely want it. But, the biggest question is how to increase girth size quickly. Regardless of all the useless and bogus advertisements out there, the fact remains straight that penis girth certainly cannot be increased overnight unless by performing penis enlargement surgery. There are natural approaches that you can find through online research that are claimed to help increase your size, but these methods are not recommended by Dr. Elist as they can damage your ligaments and tissues and cause irreversible results.

These approaches are listed as the following that Dr. Elist strongly advises against:

Penis Girth Adjustment

This method is carried out by tying off the erect penis in order to prevent the pooled blood from leaving your penis. It is done by tying a knot at the very base of the penis when it is erect.

Because the knot doesn’t let blood out of your penis, the cells and tissues swell beyond their natural capacity. Over time, the tissues permanently expand to accommodate the high threshold, ultimately increasing the girth of the penis.

For this method, a cable clamp can be used to tie around the base of the penis. Cable clamps do not guarantee any comfort, so a protective sheath may also be necessary to act as a soft padding medium between the penis and the hard plastic. The protective wrap can be replaced with an old cloth or a Band-Aid.

How is it done?

  • It is very essential to be stimulated or in other words; excited, as having a 90% erection is the basic requirement of this method.
  • The protective sheath should come next and should be placed around the base of the penis where the cable clip will be attached.
  • The wire clamp must be carefully tied around the erect penis to prevent blood flow from exiting the penis.

Clamping can only be done for about 5 minutes if it is the first time. The duration can be increased up to 10 minutes over time. It’s best to take breaks between sets and practice this method on alternate days. The clamping effect can be optimized with kegel training.

Note: Penis clamping creates an unusual amount of pressure on the penis resulting in engorged penis or vein damage, nerve damage, numbness, and problems maintaining an erection.

Jelqing for a bigger penis

Jelqing is a method that does not involve any equipment or materials. One hand will do the job in this case. This method works on a similar principle to the clamp, that is, blood is prevented from leaving the penis. However, instead of a clamp, the hand is used.

How is it done?

  • First and foremost, an ok sign is made with the thumb and forefinger.
  • In this position, the hand is placed around the base of the penis. By squeezing the penis up, blood flows to the tip at a higher rate. As a result, the tissues expand over time causing an increase in the girth of the penis.

Note: Jelqing would cause bruising, nerve compression and nerve damage, resulting in problems achieving an erection.

Pump to enlarge the penis

How is it done?

  • For this method, a penis pump is required that creates a vacuum around the penis, using air or water.
  • After being pumped, the air is pumped out causing negative pressure which increases blood flow to the penis and causes the tissues to swell beyond their natural capacity. This process helps increase the girth of the penis over time.
  • The pump must be used with great care, as excessive pumping can cause permanent damage and tissues can burst due to excessive blood flow.

Note: Pumping can put nerves and tissues at risk of serious damage due to lack of oxygen. It is claimed that pumping on a regular basis for a year or two can result in a noticeable increase in the girth of the penis, but there is no real scientific study to support this claim.

Being desperate with a small girth is no longer an option. Instead of being fooled by the counterfeit products and practices mentioned above, it is better to focus on a permanent surgical procedure involving a silicone implant with a strong record of patient satisfaction and results.

All it takes is determination and permanent results are just around the corner. If you want fast results or if you are not seeing results with natural techniques, schedule an appointment with Dr. Elist to learn more about your surgical options that can help you increase girth immediately after surgery.



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