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Is olive oil is best for penis growth? Olive oil to lengthen and enlarge the penis

The most important thing for women is the ability of a man to do something good with his penis “no matter how small”, the thickness is much more important than the length, as well as the shape and of course hygiene. All the women who responded to me said that they had little or no experience with a man whose penis is very small, and that the small size was still a problem. It was recognized that some emotional distress occurs even if the man himself is able to compensate for his natural unhappiness. Olive oil to enlarge the penis and lengthen it is one of the best natural alternatives.

How to use olive oil to enlarge and lengthen the penis?

The second way to enlarge the penis, that is, with olive oil. In this article you will get brief tips on how to enlarge penis with olive oil, obtained from various sources.

As for the lengthening and thickening of the male genital organ, it is important to note that the rich composition of olive oil can improve the elasticity of the skin and have a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the vessels of the phallus. As a result, during arousal, the cavernous body of the penis is better filled with blood, which affects the appearance of the penis. The penis visually increases in both length and width. This success, not surprisingly, is achieved through the regular use of olive oil massage techniques.

Here we explain how to enlarge the penis with olive oil:

– Prepare about 100 milliliters of olive oil.
– put a little in the palm of your hand and apply it to the body of the penis.
– apply only on the body of the penis. Do not put it on the tip of the penis.
– Gently massage the penis by rubbing the palm of your hands up and down the shaft of the penis.
– Do this 3 times a week with a therapy time of about 20 to 30 minutes.

Penis enlargement with olive oil: massage technique

Before using cold-pressed olive oil , make sure there are no individual intolerances. For a sensitivity test, a few drops of the product are applied to the skin of the elbow crease. If after a day irritation does not appear on it, it means that massage for penis enlargement with the help of this oil will not end with an unexpected result. However, it is still not recommended to do so in the presence of infectious or inflammatory processes. 

As for the technique itself, it is performed in the morning or in the evening in the following order. The herbal product is slightly heated so that it is only pleasant on the skin. You have to apply a few drops of oil at the base of the phallus, after which the fingers make gentle movements towards the head, as if we were trying to stretch the male genital organ a little. You can use both hands to enhance the effect.

It is important to make sure that the massage movements do not cause discomfort or pain. If done correctly, rubbing hot vegetable oil from the base of the penis to the glans will cause arousal. In this case, it is about moisturizing the skin of the entire penis. It is not necessary to apply a large amount of oil, because the essence of the technique is that all the liquid is absorbed by the skin of the phallus.

The duration of such a session does not exceed 10-15 minutes. It is important to repeat the procedure every day. In the case of men who practice penis enlargement with an oil note, noticeable changes are observed already in the second or third week. By improving the elasticity of tissues and blood vessels, as well as increasing blood flow, the penis is visually enlarged, which is due to the maximum filling of the cavernous bodies.



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