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Why does my vagina smell like bleach? 5 types of aromas that you should know

Why does my vagina smell like bleach? 5 types of aromas that you should know

The media, advertising, and even some celebrities have led us to believe that our intimate area should smell like flowers and candy.

This idea, in addition to being retrograde, is false. According to Dr. Sherry Ross , an obstetrician and author of the book She-Ology , it’s hard to pinpoint what a vagina smells like because all women smell different .

The use of antibiotics, vaginal douches , spermicides, a new sexual partner and hormonal changes are some of the factors that can modify its essence.

Here we show you 5 types of odors that a healthy intimate area presents and what they mean, according to gynecology experts. Take note!

#1 Spicy or fermented

It is very common for the vagina to produce an acidic aroma or similar to that of fermented foods. In fact, yogurt, sourdough bread and some beers contain the same type of bacteria that this area produces: lactobacilli .«Thanks to lactobacillus our intimate area has an adequate pH level. Among its many qualities, these protect it against the overgrowth of negative bacteria,” says Dr. Jane Minkin.

#2 Copper like a penny

If your vagina smells slightly metallic during your period, you have nothing to worry about.

When blood (also known as the uterine lining ) leaves the body, it’s normal for it to give off this peculiar odor, Dr. Jennifer Wider elaborates .

On the other hand, if this scent appears after being intimate, it is likely a sign of vaginal dryness or that intercourse was too rough.

Constant friction can cause minor cuts or scrapes. Prevent this from happening by using a lubricant that suits your needs. Keep it in mind.

#3 Chlorine or bleach

Experiencing a chlorine or bleach odor after sexual intercourse is normal and does not represent a health hazard. It’s most likely due to the lubricant or condoms you’re using, says Dr. Wider .

In this case, it’s best to look for products that are fragrance-free and won’t alter your pH levels.

Remember that douching , as well as treatments that promise to mask the natural odor of your intimate area, can damage the natural balance of flora and cause bacterial vaginosis , stresses an article from the Mayo Clinic .

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