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Can I Whiten My Teeth With Invisalign Attachments? 10 Advantages Of Invisalign

There are many people who sooner or later end up asking this question while using Invisalign Invisible Orthodontics . Some treatments last longer than we would really like. But what if we could perform different treatments at the same time? If we could have a perfectly aligned smile as well as white teeth ? What if we could get it at the same time?

Today we are going to focus our post on one of the great differences when it comes to undergoing orthodontic treatment with the Invisible Invisalign technique. Are all clinics the same? Does it really matter where I get my treatment? The answer is yes, and much more than you think.

Most of the world’s doctors and dental clinics carry out their Invisalign treatments under the standardized instructions of American computer technicians. However, at Ivan Malagon Clinic we follow a completely personalized type of treatment, in which, in addition to health , we take care of the aesthetics of each and every one of our patients. The Doctor and expert Iván Malagón performs the positioning of attachments in non-visible areas, thus differentiating himself from the rest of standardized treatments that affect both the aesthetics of our mouth and comfort when performing any function with it.

Can I Whiten My Teeth With Invisalign Attachments? 10 Advantages Of Invisalign

Invisalign at Ivan Malagon Clinic

Iván Malagón, awarded with the “ Invisalign Diamond Doctor ” category in its 7 editions , has exported his work protocols. And placement of attachments in the vestibular area internationally. Thus making teeth whitening possible and fully compatible with the Invisalign orthodontic technique . Which of course is impossible if it is not done through these protocols .

Finally, we must point out that dental whitening will not be recommended if there is severe crowding in the oral cavity. Since in this way the areas of some dental pieces would be overlapped. And after the subsequent alignment , there would be stains and yellowish grooves on our teeth.

Invisalign treatment is also known as invisible orthodontics , and is one of the most widely used procedures for dental alignment today. At our dental clinic in Argüelles we are well aware of its efficiency, speed and technological innovation, as well as the minimal discomfort that patients have in relation to other more traditional orthodontic treatments.

To know all the secrets of invisible orthodontics, it is necessary to know the main advantages of Invisalign:

100% aesthetic

The transparent aligners used by patients are imperceptible at a distance of 60 cm, which gives the user great confidence in their social relationships and daily life.

comfort and convenience

The aligners do not cause any pain or sensitivity in the mouth, something that does occur with fixed appliances. In this way, adhesion problems are avoided and possible decalcification problems in the enamel are also hidden.

no root resorption

Patients who have tried Invisalign treatment do not have root resorption. This happens due to the smooth movement of the teeth that does not obstruct the blood supply.

Perfect oral hygiene

Being removable aligners, the patient can carry out good oral hygiene , with complete brushing and flossing. Something that cannot be done with metal braces.

Reduced clinic visits

With invisible orthodontics, visits to the clinic are reduced, since it is the patient himself who can replace the aligners without having to visit a specialist. Every six or eight weeks you should go to the clinic for treatment review in a consultation that usually lasts about twenty minutes.

resistant aligners

It is almost impossible for an aligner to break, but if it does happen, the patient can replace it with the next aligner that is in their possession, instead of going to the clinic. At the next visit, the specialist will examine the broken aligner and decide what is best for the patient.

Specific patients

If the patient is an athlete, the aligners can be removed when practicing their sport, although they can also act as protectors in some contact sports. In other activities such as music, if you play a wind instrument, the aligners can also be removed without any problem.

Vertical correction of the teeth

The aligners can close the anterior open bite and also impinge on the anterior teeth to open the bite, correcting misalignments until a perfect set of teeth is achieved.

Patients suffering from bruxism

Aligners can replace the bite splints used by people with bruxism. In addition, they reposition the mandible to find the correct centric relation.

Teeth whitening

Invisalign treatment splints can also be used for teeth whitening , although it should be noted that it is important not to whiten teeth if attachments are present, as the color does not change under the attachments.

At the González Baquero dental clinic we have the best professionals and the most advanced technical means to carry out invisible orthodontic treatment. The results are excellent and the level of satisfaction of our patients is very high.

The Invisalign categories given to the specialists who apply the treatment are based on the number of patients they see in a year and are: Silver (from 11 to 20), Gold (from 21 to 40), Platinum (from 41 to 80), Platinum Elite (from 81 to 150) and Diamond (over 150).



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