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How To Tell If Invisalign Attachment Fell Off? Invisalign Tips and Tricks

More and more people decide to align their teeth using transparent aligners at Propdental Clinics. For this reason, we are going to explain Invisalign tricks and tips so that you can obtain a perfect smile without going through the physical, but above all, aesthetic discomfort of dental braces.

The Invisalign system is an effective and predictable treatment that is based on the use of a series of “invisible” transparent aligners that allow the correction of both malocclusion and dental malposition problems.

And it is that this Invisalign, in addition to offering the best results, is a completely aesthetic and comfortable system. In this article we are going to give you 10 Invisalign tips so you can get the best results . We will also explain tricks for the daily use of your transparent aligners.

How To Tell If Invisalign Attachment Fell Off? Invisalign Tips and Tricks

How long do I need to wear invisalign aligners?

The aligners should be worn throughout the day and night and should only be removed to eat and brush your teeth .

There are three basic things to keep in mind when using Invisalign:

  • You must wash your hands well before handling the aligners, either for placement or removal.
  • Handle only one splint at a time, this way you will avoid causing damage to them.
  • The aligners must be worn 24 hours a day , removing them only during meals and tooth brushing.
How To Tell If Invisalign Attachment Fell Off? Invisalign Tips and Tricks

How are the aligners placed?

Before placing the aligner, make sure you put it in the arch that corresponds to it. Guide yourself with the initials that have “U” engraved for the upper teeth and “L” for the lower ones .

Start the placement of the invisalign aligners by the front teeth and then fit the aligner to the back teeth by applying light pressure with the fingertips.

Above all , you should avoid biting the aligner when it is not yet in its correct position. In the event that you notice great discomfort or pain when having it in place, contact your nearest dental clinic immediately.

How to remove the aligners?

The aligners should be removed using your fingers, beginning the disengagement at the back side of the mouth and slowly working your way toward disengagement completely. Any object other than your fingers should not be used to remove them, as they could damage the braces and even your mouth.

You must be especially careful if you are wearing attachments since if you force the aligner too much it could be damaged.

If you have any difficulty removing them, do not hesitate to consult your invisalign provider orthodontist . He will advise you on how to do it and he will also tell you to only remove them when necessary. Once the aligners have been removed, you must rinse them with water, shake them and store them in the box.

What can you eat and drink?

What can you eat with Invisalign aligners? You can eat anything while you’re having Invisalign treatment, but you have to remove your aligners to eat .

Regarding hygiene, it is also important to know that it is much more hygienic than any other treatment, since the aligners are removed to eat and this allows you to maintain good oral hygiene before putting them back on. The fact of having to remove the aligners can make you a more disciplined person and not itch between meals!

How to care for and maintain your aligners?

Before putting on the aligners, you should clean them with a soft brush, water and the hygienic product indicated by the dentist.

You should not use mouthwash to clean it , as this can make it dull and make it more visible.

You should remove your aligners whenever you want to eat, but you can keep them on to drink as long as it’s not very hot or can stain the aligners (the same goes for tobacco).

That is, you cannot put them in hot water because they can be deformed. And avoid smoking or eating or drinking beverages with them on because you can dye them .

During your orthodontic treatment with the invisalign system you must follow proper hygiene, brushing your teeth and flossing after each meal.

What to do when you lose your Invisalign aligners?

There is no need to worry if an Invisalign aligner is lost, as it is replaced by the previous one or the next one without any delay in treatment.

Save your aligners so you don’t lose them

At the start of treatment, the orthodontist at your Dental Clinic will provide you with two boxes so you can store the aligners.

The experience of our patients shows that those who have always used the box have prevented the aligners from being lost or damaged.

The blue box is the one you should use to store your current aligners when you are eating or brushing your teeth, while the red box is designed to store your old aligners.

In this way, if for whatever reason you lose your current aligners, you could temporarily use the previous aligners while the invisalign provider orthodontist at your clinic takes care of getting a new replacement aligner.

10 Tricks for the daily use of your aligners

The Invisalign system offers you multiple advantages if aesthetics are paramount to you during your orthodontic treatment. To maintain it, we give you 10 important tips to obtain the best result from the Invisalign treatment .

How To Tell If Invisalign Attachment Fell Off? Invisalign Tips and Tricks

1. Usage time

As you have already seen, Invisalign allows you to remove and put on your aligners or splints to eat, brush your teeth, go to a social event,… This is very comfortable, but be careful, so that the treatment continues correctly and the expected result is achieved, you must wear these aligners at least 22 hours a day. Using the aligners for less time can influence the result of the same orthodontic treatment.

2. Cleaning of the splints

Before putting on the aligners, brush your teeth properly, use floss or dental floss,… The splints should be brushed with a soft or medium toothbrush and cold soapy water (colorless and neutral). It is not convenient to clean them with toothpaste since this can make them more opaque, scratch them and crack them.

They should also not be immersed or cleaned with mouthwash as this can damage them. Before putting them back you should rinse them with plenty of water.

3. Remove them to eat and drink

You should not eat or drink with the aligners on. For this reason, at Propdental Clinics we recommend removing them before each meal.

Never drink hot drinks with them on as this could damage, stain and deform them. If it would be possible to drink cold water.

4. Use his/her box to store the splints

When you take off the splints to eat or drink, always keep them in their box to avoid losing them. Also, keep your invisalign splints out of the reach of children and pets.

Keep your aligners away from heat sources such as microwaves, radiators, boiling water,… and also from abrasive and/or chemical substances.

5. Change your aligners

The aligners will normally be changed every 15 days, but it will be your orthodontist who will tell you this. You should always follow his instructions and if you have any doubts, you should consult him.

You should never throw away old or used aligners, keep them. If any of your aligners break or lose , you should notify your orthodontist without delay.

6. Put on the aligners correctly

The keys to a correct placement of the aligners or splints are:

  • The aligners should be fitted from the molars to the incisors, that is, from back to front.
  • If the aligner doesn’t quite fit at first, you can help by gently biting down on a Chewin or a pen.
  • Never place your aligners biting with them, this can cause their fracture.

7. Properly remove the invisible brace

Invisalign aligners or splints will be removed from the back to the front . That is, from the molars to the incisors.

Excessive force should not be used to remove these and bending or twisting of the aligners to remove them should be avoided. Also, do not use less sharp objects to remove the aligners.

8. Tobacco

Although smoking is not a contraindication for Invisalign orthodontic treatment, you should know that if you smoke regularly with the aligners on, they will become more yellow.

So, if you can’t quit smoking, follow the invisalign tips and tricks that we give at Propdental and avoid smoking with your Invisalign splints on.

9. Take care of your attachments

The attachments are small balls of resin, the same color as your teeth, which are placed in some of them to make the Invisalign treatment more effective. These help to make a greater force and more easily rotate the teeth.

At least once a day, when you remove your aligners to brush your teeth, check that your attachments are well placed and defined and in the event that one of them has come off, consult your orthodontist without delay.

10. The importance of reviews

Clinical check-ups or visits with your orthodontist are very important to control your orthodontic treatment, to perform stripping if necessary, recement an attachment,… and to achieve the expected results. These visits will normally be every month and a half, but this will always depend on each case, so always follow the instructions given by your orthodontist and if you have any questions, consult them.

Currently, the Invisalign orthodontic system is the most demanded in our clinics by our patients when they want to improve the aesthetics and oral health of their smile. In case it is a treatment indicated for you, the Propdental orthodontist will use the Clincheck program so that you can see the evolution that your teeth would make in the different phases of the treatment and how they will be before even starting.



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