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How long does a Tempurpedic mattress last? Amazing facts!

The answer to the question of how long a Tempurpedic mattress lasts is 15 years. Of course, this depends on how well you take care of it. This article will teach you what to expect when replacing it and tips to help your Tempurpedic mattress last.

You may be using a Tempurpedic pillow and have been interested in trying out their mattress. She needs to invest in a quality mattress to ensure she gets the best quality sleep every day. Continue reading below to see if this is the best mattress for you.

How long will a Tempurpedic mattress last?

Compared to other typical mattresses like innerspring, Tempurpedic uses a memory foam core. This material helps with the longevity of the mattress and you will also appreciate the unique comfort it offers when you lie on it. The company even boasts that its so-called TEMPUR material is a particular type of memory foam perfected by scientists.

A Tempurpedic mattress will last up to 15 years, especially if you maintain it well. This shelf life is attractive to any homeowner because it’s a great deal on a mattress. Therefore, it can be said that Tempurpedic mattresses are one of the best investments on the market.

What is a Tempurpedic mattress?

Tempurpedic offers different types of mattresses, but they all use the brand’s TEMPUR material. This type of memory foam adapts to the user solely based on their body weight, shape, and even temperature. The result is not only comfortable, but you can also experience better pressure relief.

In addition to the long life expectancy, every Tempurpedic mattress also comes with a 90-day sleep test and a 10-year limited warranty. From the customer’s point of view, having these offers increases their confidence in the product because it demonstrates the brand’s confidence in the quality of its own mattress. Tempurpedic mattresses come in Tempur-Cloud, Tempur-Adapt, Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-LuxeAdapt, and Tempur-Breeze.

You can choose from different sizes using the brand’s guide, ranging from full, king, queen, California king, twin, twin XL, split king, and California split king. You can even get custom dimensions when ordering if you need a specific shape and size. And for each mattress type, you can select the feel from soft to firm.

When should you replace a Tempurpedic mattress?

Like all mattresses, you still need to know when to replace your Tempurpedic mattress. Even if he takes good care of it, he should replace it after 7 to 8 years to make sure it is well supported by the mattress frame. Some telltale signs that you need a new mattress are waking up to body aches and noticeable lumps or dents on the surface of the mattress.

How to make your Tempurpedic mattress last long

You want to avoid subjecting your mattress to abuse, such as jumping on it or exposing it to high temperatures. But according to Tempurpedic, all of his mattresses are single-sided, so he doesn’t have to rotate or flip his as part of maintenance. Instead, wash your mattress cover regularly according to label directions.

You don’t need to use mattress covers and protectors or even electric blankets and heating pads with your Tempurpedic mattress. It is also necessary to emphasize avoiding exposing your mattress to moisture, as this can damage the material. In case of accidental spills, immediately soak up the liquid with towels and allow the mattress to air dry.

Do Tempur mattresses wear out?

As mentioned above, all mattresses will eventually need to be replaced to ensure you receive proper support. While a Tempurpedic mattress may not look noticeably worn like other materials, you may see some signs of aging in the mattress. For example, you may not feel as comfortable and satisfied as you used to.

Depending on use, the mattress can also accumulate stains over time. Dust, natural oils, and even allergens can build up on any mattress over the years. You may even notice discoloration and odor in an old mattress.

Is it worth buying a Tempurpedic mattress?

The impressive lifespan and material quality of a Tempurpedic mattress make it a product worth getting. Remember that we should treat the mattresses we use as investments because they are important for quality sleep. In the long run, getting something cheap that requires constant replacement due to poor quality will cost you more.

But before you buy a Tempurpedic mattress, familiarize yourself with the different features of their products. You can find a specific mattress that suits all your needs and requirements. Also, get the right mattress size for you and your bed frame to avoid problems later.


It is essential to become familiar with the expected lifespan of different types of mattresses. For example, do you know how long a Tempurpedic mattress lasts? Depending on maintenance and use, this mattress can provide service for up to 15 years.

However, you must remember that all types of mattresses will eventually need to be replaced. You should check if your posture is still ideal when you sleep on your mattress or if it does not have any odor or discoloration. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and you can enjoy your Tempurpedic mattress for a long time.

In general, remember to treat each mattress as an investment. In addition to the pillows we use, the mattress dictates the quality of our sleep. Always get a high quality one and use it carefully!



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