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How to build an air conditioner platform? 4 easy steps to follow!

How to build an air conditioning platform? Having an unstable air conditioning unit system is challenging and easy to manage at the same time. However, unfortunately, it can cause a major problem if not fixed.

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Then an idea occurred to him, although he has no idea how to build an air conditioning platform. In this way, you can save and spend less than shopping. Many people around the world want to have air conditioners; whatever reason they have, it’s acceptable.

However, there are days when we cannot contain the heat. That is why everyone wants to have a unit for their home.

And with that, your air conditioner needs support, especially for the heavy guys. Without any of them, your air conditioner may have problems.

Good thing you’ve seen this article beforehand. With this, you can at least prepare for the safety of your appliance before something bad happens to it. If you’re having a hard time doing that, then you’ve come to the right article; read on to know more about our topic today.

Steps to build an air conditioning platform at home

How to build an air conditioning platform? Air conditioners are one of the best things you can invest in, which means; you’ll have to take good care of it if you want it to last long enough. One wrong move, and there’s already a chance your air conditioning unit has a problem, so handle it carefully in situations like these.

There are many reasons why an air conditioning unit needs support, and one of them is the oil that is present in the compressor.

Therefore, it is essential to level it. So to prevent that from happening, you need to support your unit as much as possible. Otherwise this could be the cause of your breakdown.

Before doing anything else, you should turn it off and read the instruction manual. There may be useful information that you can use later. They are essential when dealing with any problem related to your air conditioning unit. Therefore, having one is necessary.

Enough of that, let’s move on to doing this right away. Once you are done dealing with that, rest assured there will be no more problems to deal with. We know that you are already tired, so to help you, you can refer to the steps below to do it with ease without having to worry about anything.

Step #1. Gather all the necessary materials

Before you start doing anything else, make sure you have all the necessary materials for this to avoid problems when doing these steps. Here are the ffs. Materials and tools you will need to start the process:

  • wooden slabs
  • metal strips
  • wood screws
  • air conditioning pads
  • triangle tool
  • Hand drill
  • saw

Once you’ve got all of these together, you can start doing the steps without having to worry about them.

Step # 2. Building the base for the platform

Now take two pieces of 2 x 6 lumber slabs and lay one on top of the other. It would act as a lift for the other to hit the ground quickly. Be sure to take measurements beforehand. This way we were able to make sure that the pads would fit on the deck without problems later on. Next, take four pieces of metal strips and start attaching them to the wood with the screws. They should be away from each other for you to hold them tight.

Cut another pair of 2×6’s and two 4×4’s to match the base measurement you created earlier once you have them in place. Using a drill and some wood screws, attach them together to form a base that will then hold the top. Then attach it to the deck you created earlier.

Step 3. Making a Divider

Now that you have the base ready, prepare the remaining unused 2 x 6 lumber slabs that you cut earlier, then, using some screws, secure them to the floor. Make sure there is something supporting it from below so you don’t have any issues. Thus, making your platform trustworthy and secure.

Make sure the slabs are level to avoid oil spills. It should rest flat and properly on the ground.

Step 4. Finish

We’re close to our last step, but before that you’ll want to double check everything thoroughly, making sure there are no uneven sides on the wooden deck. Prepare your air conditioning pads and place them along the edges of the platform you have created. It’s designed to fit in two pieces so you can wear it either way.

This one is optional; if you want to secure your pads, you can screw them on if you want. However, you can’t either, as they don’t move due to the applied weight. Lastly, place your capacitors on top of the deck, and you’re ready to go!


And this is how an air conditioning platform is built. Again, be sure to level it so there are no future oil spills. Otherwise, your air conditioning unit could malfunction. These are easy to do, but if you can’t handle it yourself, try calling in an HVAC professional to do the job. Anyway, you can read the steps on how to build an air conditioner stand.



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