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How to Change the Input on a Samsung TV

Have you ever noticed that some things don’t seem like much of a problem until you find the solution online? How to set the timer on the washer or download heart rate numbers from the Fit-Bit. Another good example of a classic, simple but difficult problem is your Samsung TV. Changing the input should be fairly easy, but sometimes it isn’t, and there are very few articles online that cover the problem. For this reason, here is the solution for all those who have problems.

Why are there so few articles online on this topic?

The fact is that Samsung TV input/source problem is not something that people write about. In most cases, people find solutions where they can, do it, and then forget about it.

Have you ever played a game like X-Com where there is a huge installation problem, but no one online, not even the publishers, offers solutions. So should you scour the forums to find the one soul who has posted a solution?

Samsung TV problem is very similar. There are a few solutions and the best option is to search online forums, try one solution, fail, try another, fail, etc., until you get it right. Fortunately, this article includes all known fixes to the issues, including those related to the recent 4K Smart Edition.

If there is now a lingering hope that Samsung will either stick to the latest input/source method and stop changing it, or make the input/source solution a bit clearer in their future TV operations manuals.

How to change the source on your Samsung TV

It has multiple inputs for your Samsung TV. When using the Samsung TV menu, they are also known as sources. There’s a good chance you have more than one input/source. For example, many people have a USB input and many have HDMI ports. It is also possible to select the video and audio inputs as different devices.

For example, let’s say you have the PlayStation connected to HDMI and the external hard drive connected to USB. In fact, it is possible that the screen will be sent from your PlayStation, while the audio will be sent from your external hard drive. It’s not that strange either. For example, some people play console games while streaming their podcasts to the TV instead of playing the video game audio.

Method 1: The Font button

Some Samsung TVs have a “Source” button at the top of the remote. In some cases, this is the only way a Samsung TV can change the source. In other cases, it is only possible to access the source menu via the source button by connecting something to the TV so that the source menu appears automatically.

Method 2: Plug something into the TV while it’s on

This method is self explanatory. While the TV is on, connect the device to one of the input ports. In most cases, this will cause the input/source menu to appear on its own. In other cases, when you connect something to the TV, it will automatically switch to this source.

For example, if the game console is on and you connect it to the TV, the TV will probably switch directly to the game console feed. Also, if the game console was already connected to the TV and you have then turned it on, the TV will automatically switch to the console feed. There are also times when you can turn on the console and turn on the TV and the TV has been set to the console’s info channel.

Method 3: The source can be selected via the menu

In many cases, especially with modern televisions, you can select the source through the normal menu. Start the menu with the remote control or with a combination of buttons simultaneously on the TV. Once the menu is activated, you can scroll down to the option that says “Font”. Select this option and it will show you all the sources/inputs your TV currently has and can even show you which connections are missing.

If you want, you can also label your messages, which is another way to change the name. It’s only useful if you have two things, like using the same two game consoles for whatever reason. In most cases, there is a menu to tag/rename your posts. For example, with the Samsung Q7, you need to select the input and press up.

Change the input on your Samsung Q7 Qled UHD 4k smart TV

Take the remote control and press the «Start» key. Doing so will bring up a menu bar that usually runs along the bottom of the screen. In the menu, scroll left until you reach the word “Font.”

Select “Source” and it will take you to the input screen. From here you can select your ticket. You can also rename these fonts if you wish. Simply select the input icon and press up, and the editing option will appear. You can edit HDMI sources, but you can’t rename apps.


Will Samsung finally create a standard for your input/source issues? And, when they create future televisions, will they find new ways to change the input or will they keep changing things? The decision is ultimately, but it’s a bit unfair that they keep changing things and making life difficult for their customers. It is not a good business strategy. However, still having problems with your Samsung TV? Have our suggested methods worked or have you found your own way to change the input on your Samsung TV? Let us know in the comments section below.



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