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How to disinfect toys and clean them easily and safely

In this article you will learn how to wash stuffed animals and how to disinfect toys of all kinds in an easy and safe way for your children.

Toys are life companions for children and babies and their favorites often become their inseparable friends. Therefore, the constant contact of the boys with them makes it necessary to keep them clean so that they can play safely.

In this article we teach you how to wash stuffed animals and how to clean toys made of different materials and keep them free of dirt and germs so that your children can enjoy them as if they were new.

How to clean plastic toys and disinfection tips

These techniques will help you if you don’t know how to disinfect baby toys and rid them of germs, but also to disinfect everything your child touches. Read on and learn the best cleaning and disinfection tips.

In general, the method of how to disinfect plastic toys is quite simple and serves as a technique to know how to clean plastic dolls and any other toy that does not have batteries or mechanisms. Simply submerge them in a container of water with a product such as Vim Lavandina in Gel or Cif Gel with Lavandina and let them act for a few minutes. Then they can be rubbed with a sponge. Remember to rinse the toys very well to avoid product remains. Finally, let them dry very well so that mold does not form inside.

For other toys, there are also easy ways to disinfect. If you are interested in knowing how to clean a plastic doll with batteries or how to clean old plastic toys that can deteriorate if they are submerged, the ideal is to use a Cif Ballerina Multipurpose Antibacterial cloth moistened with warm water and soap.

This technique serves as a method of how to clean a rubber doll. But if you just need to know how to clean the dolls’ faces, which get very dirty in boys’ games, the ideal answer is Cif Cream . It serves as a unique product on how to clean a doll’s face and leave it flawless. Don’t forget to rinse and dry very well.

Wondering how to clean rubber toys or how to clean bath toys?

We have the answer! It is best to use a natural disinfectant cleaner: white vinegar. This product removes mold from toys that children use in the bathtub.

To use it, fill a bucket with warm water, add ¼ cup of vinegar per liter of water, and let the toys soak for about 10 minutes.

Pass them a sponge and rinse very well. It is very important that after each use in the bathtub, you let the toys dry very well, wringing them out when possible, in order to avoid the formation of mold.

If you want to take disinfection to the next level, there are many products and ways you can use to remove bacteria from rubber or plastic toys. Apply hydrogen peroxide on a clean cloth and rub it on the surface of the toy. This technique is ideal for toys that cannot be submerged. You can also prepare a solution with half a cup of bleach diluted in four liters of water and leave the dolls resting inside for a few minutes.

In any of the cases, always remember to rinse them very well to avoid product remains and to let them dry very well in the sun.

How to disinfect wooden toys

If you want to learn how to disinfect wooden toys, take note. Remember that wood cannot be submerged in water. Therefore, a great option is to moisten a cloth with a product such as white vinegar and rub gently.

This technique is just as effective if you’re wondering how to clean baby toys. Make sure to let the dolls dry very well in the sun, since UV rays help eliminate many bacteria. However, keep in mind not to leave them for too long in the sun, as the toys could discolor or deteriorate.

How to wash stuffed animals

The boys usually have a favorite stuffed animal or cloth doll that they do not take off and that, in addition, tend to accumulate dust and bacteria. That is why it is important to keep them clean but carefully, since a bad wash can ruin them forever.

If you have no idea how to wash a teddy bear, keep reading: we explain two different techniques that can also help you learn how to wash a rag doll.

How to wash stuffed animals in a washing machine

This simple method is used to clean stuffed animals that are stained or very dirty and is ideal if you are thinking about how to disinfect stuffed animals for babies, since washing helps eliminate germs.

Pay attention to the step by step and remember that it is also useful to know how to clean babies’ toys that are not stuffed animals but are made of cloth.

  1. I read the label.Before putting the stuffed animals in the washing machine, read the label to make sure they are suitable. Remember that battery-powered or electrically-powered toys cannot get wet.
  2. Treat tough stains.If the stuffed animal has stubborn stains, before washing, rub the mark with a cloth dampened in water with detergent or laundry soap.
  3. The essential: the pillowcase.To prevent the stuffed animals from being damaged, put them in a pillowcase and then, yes, directly to the washing machine. Do not fill the drum completely. If you are thinking about how to wash a large stuffed animal, the ideal is to use the washing machine only for it.
  4. The washing program and temperature.Select the wash cycle for delicate garments, use a mild soap and cold water temperature. Do not mix them with colorfast clothing or heavily soiled clothing.
  5. Do not centrifuge.Never use the spin of the washing machine for stuffed animals. I absorbed the water with a towel without squeezing so as not to deform them. Afterwards, the ideal is to let them dry outdoors, in the shade and away from dust.

How to dry clean stuffed animals.

This technique is especially useful for stuffed animals that have sounds or movements or are made of a material that does not allow them to get wet. Too easy.

  1. Just three items.You need a plastic bag, baking soda, and a brush.
  2. Moisten – but only a little.Lightly moisten the stuffed animal with a spray bottle so that the baking soda adheres to the fur of the toy.
  3. to the bagPut the stuffed animal inside the bag, add a good amount of baking soda and close it. Shake the bag so the powder spreads all over the stuffed animal. Let act all night.
  4. Brush and done.Take the stuffed animal out of the bag and brush it until all traces of baking soda are removed. Ready! Disinfected teddy so the boys can continue playing.

If you want to know other details and secrets on how to wash a stuffed animal,

So far we have explained different methods of how to disinfect baby and children’s toys.



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