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How to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed? Find the best solutions.

Scorpions can become a plague, and their stings can cause us a lot of discomfort, but don’t worry, we can fight scorpions at home with effective solutions so that they don’t reappear.

To prevent scorpions from climbing into your baby’s crib, you can place glass jars on the legs of the crib.

How to drive away scorpions

There are several methods to eliminate scorpions, and we are going to teach you how to eliminate scorpions naturally and how to prevent scorpions at home. Next, we give you the best tips to achieve it.

  • Place fine grids in kitchen and bathroom drains, and cover the drains so that scorpions cannot enter through there.
  • Fumigate two or three times a year  to eliminate all kinds of insects. Scorpions feed on insects, so without insects you will not have scorpions at home.
  • I gave the shoes  that were stored a good shake before wearing them. Do the same with clothes. Scorpions live in dark areas and may get into a shoe, be careful!
  • Don’t walk barefoot . If there are scorpions in the house you will avoid being bitten.
  • Do not allow the bedding to be in contact with the ground.
  • Do not accumulate garbage . The food you leave on the counter can attract insects and the insects to the scorpions.
  • If you have made any alterations to your home , throw out the dirt, wood chips, and brick immediately. Do not leave the materials for a long time inside.

How to get rid of scorpions from the house

Don’t you know how to eliminate scorpions at home without harming them? There are certain tricks you can use:

  1. Eliminate their food and make friends with some animalsScorpions feed on ants, cockroaches, small insects and crickets. These animals should be eliminated; however, spiders chase them away, as well as chickens and birds. So if you have chickens at home you are lucky! They will help you keep scorpions away from your house.
  2. Plants are also useful  when fighting scorpions at home. The ideal is to have lavender or aromatic plants, since their smell drives them away. You can also use cleaning products with lavender essence to complement.
  3. Cleaning the house is essential  to keep scorpions away. Before going to sleep wash the dishes, sweep a little, and keep the rooms clean; this way, you won’t have to worry about these little intruders. We recommend the  insecticide product line , to cover the cleaning of any surface.


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