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How to rename all apple devices

I still remember the strange names I gave my iPods . I remember putting one of them “This is not the iPod you´re looking for”. At that time it was common to wonder what your iPod was, because all your friends had one similar.

Now it is not easy either. Just go to the Bluetooth settings of our iPhone and see the number of devices that appear. On many occasions, we don’t even know what it is, or if it’s ours. Therefore, whenever a device allows to change the name, we should do it.

Apple, of course, allows us to change the name of our devices without further complication, but it is possible that we have missed doing it or, directly, we have not found it because it is different on each device.

Rename iPhone

To change the name of our iPhone we simply have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the app Settings .
  • Press “ General ”.
  • Then “ Information ”.
  • And in “Name” we can change it. In my case “My iPhone 7 Plus”.

As you can see, I call all “my devices” like this, “My …” . Of course, it doesn’t create any confusion for me, because I know which one is mine, but if we all do it we can get involved.

Rename iPad

The steps to follow are the same as for an iPhone: Settings > General > Information > Name . It is also the same for the iPod touch.

Rename Airpods and other headphones or speakers

Airpods, and other Apple headphones and speakers, such as Powerbeats3, allow you to change the name and it is very convenient, since it allows you to easily locate them when, for example, we select them on the Mac or iPad. You must follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • There, go to “Bluetooth”.
  • Press the (i) to the right of the device that we want to rename.
  • Change the name in “Name”. In my case: “My Airpods” and “My Powerbeats3”.

Remember that they must be turned on and connected to the iPhone!

How to rename all apple devices

Rename Apple Watch

To change the name of the Apple Watch we must go to the “Watch” application. Once there, follow these steps:

  • In the “ Watch ” app on the iPhone, press “ General ”.
  • Then, “ Information ”.
  • In “ Name ” we can rename the Apple Watch. In my case “My Apple Watch”.

Rename Apple TV

To change the name of the Apple TV, something very useful if we have more than one, we must do it from the Apple TV following these steps:

  • Go to the “ Settings ” app.
  • Go to “ General ”.
  • There we go to “ Information “.
  • Then we go to « Name «.
  • We can select one of the proposed ones or we can go to « Custom «. In my case, “My Apple TV at home”.

Rename HomePod

The most hidden of all, without a doubt.

  • We must go to the “ Casa ” app on our iPhone.
  • Tap “ Edit ” at the top right and tap the HomePod icon. Or alternatively, 3D touch HomePod and tap “ Details ”.
  • Click on the box with the current name of the HomePod and write the name you want. In my case, “My non-existent HomePod”.

Change the name of the Mac

The name of the Mac is the most difficult, because it is the least intuitive. To modify it you must follow these steps:

  • Press the  in the menu bar
  • Go to “ System Preferences “.
  • Then go to « Share «.
  • Change the name that appears in “ Computer Name ” to whatever you prefer. In my case, “My iMac” and “My MacBook Air”.

Rename an iPod

The name of an iPod (not touch) must be changed from iTunes for Mac or PC. Follow these steps:

  • Connect iPod to Mac or PC and open (if it doesn’t open automatically) iTunes.
  • Press the icon of your iPod that appears next to the “Music, movies,…” drop-down menu.
  • When the iPod menu opens, click on the name that will be to the right of the image of your iPod in the sidebar.
  • Write the name you want and that’s it. In my case, “My outdated iPod nano.”

I hope you were able to change the name of all your devices, this way you will avoid all kinds of confusion, as well as the annoying “iPhone X (7)” or “iMac (3)”.



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