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How to reset Windows 11 to factory settings

Resetting Windows 11 to factory settings is an option equivalent to a clean installation, but easier and faster to perform than this, indicated when we have problems with the operating system that we cannot solve by other means.

And you must know it because you will surely need it at some point . Either due to an error (such as the one that affects printing services) or due to the mere use of the system. A consumer Windows operating system will end up “degrading” over time due to the same use, installation / uninstallation of applications or drivers, failures in an update of the same system or the introduction of any malware.

You will notice it in the face of random or chronic system failures, various slowdowns in its execution or an increase in boot time due to the greater load at startup, added services or greater demand for the system registry. Advanced users or those interested in keeping their equipment as clean as possible to obtain the same system performance as the first day of its installation, use maintenance techniques or third-party applications to achieve this, but it is not always possible and its use is not up to date. reach of a common user.

Other users even use this restoration naturally from time to time as regular maintenance task to anticipate the potential errors that may arrive or the degradation that is inherent after daily use and that prevents maximizing performance. Hence the interest of a tool that Microsoft simplified in Windows 10 and that it has included again in the latest version of the system, making it even easier to use.

How to reset Windows 11

“Resetting” the PC implies returning it to a situation similar (not identical) to when we do a “clean” installation of the system, returning the configuration to a “factory” state without errors and ready to go. This tool removes files, settings and applications (except those that came included with the equipment), so you must make an external backup of your personal files.

It is a very simple to use and automated function using the Windows recovery environment, which also offers a second option, “Restore”. In this case, the tool reinstalls Windows and preserves almost everything you have on your computer, personal files and settings, applications that came with your computer and those that you have installed from the official Microsoft Store.

In case you need it, we leave you the step by step :

– Press the “Windows + I” hotkeys to access the general Configuration tool.

restablecer Windows 11

– Access the System and click on Recovery:

Cómo restablecer Windows 11 a la configuración de fábrica 32

– Click on “ Reset the device ” and you will find the two commented options.

How to reset Windows 11 to factory settings

In both cases, the applications and system settings will be removed because the tool will access Windows RE (the Windows recovery environment), deleting and formatting the partitions before installing a new copy of Windows 11.

In the case of opting for the “Remove all” option, the tool allows saving files placed on other storage units outside the main one where the operating system is installed. If you use the option “Keep my files”, the tool will make a copy of them to return them to their original site once the system is installed.

– For the effective restoration you can opt for the use of local drives or for the new option using the cloud . This option has been available for years in macOS and in various GNU / Linux distributions (such as Debian) and was incorporated in the latest versions of Windows 10. It is a very useful option since it allows you to recover damaged computers or restore systems to a clean copy without having to installation media or use local recovery images or partitions.

Cómo restablecer Windows 11 a la configuración de fábrica 36

– If you bet on a more complete reset, removing everything you have on your computer, you can mark a more secure erase that will prevent data recovery . It is a suitable option if, for example, you are going to sell the equipment, although you should bear in mind that it may take several hours to complete.

How to reset Windows 11 to factory settings

Everything ready. Let the Windows recovery environment do its work and once the system is restored, access Windows Update to update it if necessary, install the applications, games and software you need, the drivers provided by Microsoft, the equipment manufacturer or the vendor of components, and if you opt for the option to remove the files, replace what interests you.

Resetting Windows 11 to factory settings is such a useful option and it works in a simple and automated way as it does in Windows 10. Surely you will need to use it, either to recover computers with errors or simply as a task of maintenance.



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