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How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12

We have up to 6 different ways to know the battery percentage of the iPhone 12.

Knowing how much battery we have left on the iPhone is one of our daily concerns, despite that the new devices arrive left over at the end of the day. And the easiest way to know how much we have left is with the battery percentage .

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro and its cameras in Pacific Blue

You can no longer set the battery percentage of the iPhone 12 in the top, but fortunately we have several ways to show battery percentage on the iPhone 12 , and we are going to show you all of them.

6 different ways to see the battery percentage of the iPhone 12

If you were wondering how to see the battery number on the iPhone 12, these are all the ways to see it: [19459004 ]

From Control Center

The notch makes it so that the battery percentage can’t be displayed at the top, but when we slide Control Center down, the battery percentage does that will appear next to the top icon.

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12iPhone Control Center

That is, you just have to swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone 12 to know exactly what percentage of battery your device has left.

Asking Siri

It happens on many occasions, Siri is able to tell us a lot and do many things , but we don’t usually take advantage of its potential. Of course, Siri also knows the percentage of battery remaining on our iPhone 12, you just have to ask her.

Hey Siri, how much battery do I have left?

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12Siri knows how much battery life your iPhone has left, just ask

With the battery widget

The widgets released in iOS 14 allow us to have small “mini-applications” nearby. And there is a widget dedicated to the battery that shows you the percentage that the iPhone has left, and other devices such as AirPods or Apple Watch. This is how you can configure it:

  • Enter the home screen editing menu by pressing and holding the screen until the icons vibrate.
  • At the top left you will see an icon with a “+”.
  • Pressing it will open the widget menu.
  • Now find the battery widget, choose its size and click Add widget.
How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12This adds the battery widget

This widget will be present on the home screen, and also on the lock screen in the left area if you have configured it.

Creating a shortcut

Shortcuts bring us thousands of quick functions and we can create one that tells us the percentage of the battery . We can also configure it to appear at a certain time or to activate when we double-tap the back of the iPhone.

Here’s how to create this shortcut:

  • Go to the Shortcuts app and tap the + button and Add Action.
  • Type “Battery level” and click on the action.
  • Now click on the +, type notification and click Show notification.
  • Tap where it says Hello world!, delete it, and then tap Battery level.
  • Now tap on Next and then give it a name.
How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12Creating a shortcut to know the battery percentage is easy

Now by clicking on that this shortcut appears at a certain time or when arriving or leaving a place.

You can also go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Touch Back and set the battery shortcut to show when you double- or triple-tap the back of your iPhone.

From the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a perfect complement to the iPhone, and if you have it, you should know that it knows the battery that your iPhone has left. In order for the Apple Watch to show you the percentage of the iPhone’s battery, you must download an app called Battery Life .

This app shows you the iPhone battery on the Apple Watch and also has a complication so you can check the battery level from any compatible watch face .

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12See iPhone battery percentage at a glance

Connecting iPhone to power

By Lastly, there is an extra way to know the battery level of your iPhone and it is connecting it to the current . Whether using a Lightning cable or a Qi charging pad, starting to charge the iPhone shows the percentage on the lock screen. The iPhone 12 Pro measures height just by pointing at someone thanks to LiDARThese are all the ways you have to know the percentage of battery that your iPhone 12 has left or iPhone 12 Pro . Showing it in the top bar is no longer an option, but we have many others.



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