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If you have a long beard and want to trim it yourself, you can use the mustache and beard scissors. But, of course, you must follow a series of tips and recommendations so that the final result is successful and not a real disaster ? In case you are not very sure of what you are going to do, it is always advisable to go to professional barbers to a more than the excellent result.

Mustache and beard scissors

The truth is that there are several ways to trim your beard, and some are more appropriate than others depending on the length of your beard and the result you want to achieve. For example, if you have a long beard and want to trim it down a bit to shape it, the best option is to use beard and mustache scissors. On the contrary, electric hair clippers can come in handy if you look for a beard for several days. Finally, straight to the razors if you’re looking for a perfect shave!

Beard scissors are quite easy to use once you know more or less the technique to follow. If you are looking to cut it to maintain the shape, you can do it every two or three weeks.

Scissors hair mustache and beard Dreiturm Solingen stainless steel

How to trim the beard with scissors?

First tip: Never trim your beard with scissors when it’s wet, as it will make the hair look much longer than it is, and you’ll cut more than necessary. If you have very thick and coarse hair, you can wet it a little, but it is better to do it when it is dry.

Second tip: First, trim the mustache. To do this, first, comb the entire mustache forward and then down. Once done, you only have to trim all the hair that stands out or even reaches your mouth.

Third advice: Before you start trimming, comb the beard very well in the direction of the hair and then against the grain. Then you have to pass the comb and trim the excess.

Fourth tip: In addition to scissors, you will also need a comb that will help you trim your beard and do it evenly. The comb will help you detect which hairs stand out and that you need to trim, and you will always do it following the direction of the comb.

Fifth tip: The beard should be cut in the same direction; that is, do not cut different areas simultaneously. Try to cut first one side and then the other, paying attention to the one you have already cut.



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