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How To wake someone up over the phone? Cute Ways

Waking someone up on the phone can often present an ideal opportunity to make people smile, be confused, or get a few laughs out of them. Since waking up is difficult for many people, an animated wake-up message can inject some life and energy into the first few moments of the day. There are many cute ways to do this, which can often be improved with a little creativity.

The countdown

A countdown can be an effective way to wake someone up by immediately reminding them of an upcoming activity in a fun way. For example, when the sleeping person answers the phone, they start counting down the number of seconds until they see you again: “8,400 seconds until you see me, 8,399 seconds until you see me…”. You can also reverse the count: “Now you have been awake for one second. Now you have been awake for two seconds…”.


Singing is a joyful way to make someone smile when they wake up. Consider singing one of her favorite songs over the phone; do it loudly and forcefully to capture their attention more fully. If you want, change the lyrics of the song to make it more personal and important to the other person.


Call someone and pretend to be a famous person when you wake them up. This can be especially fun if the other person takes a long time to wake up and may be confused about what’s going on. For added fun, pretend to be a character from a book the other person has recently read, or a historical figure they have been studying.

still dreaming

When the person answers the phone, tell them that they are still dreaming and that nothing around them is real. This can create funny conversations, but it can also be useful for the other person to start paying more attention to their surroundings to see if what you say is true. If you want to get more creative, describe what’s going to happen next in the dream, for example: “In a few moments you’re going to start seeing a pink elephant. Don’t worry, it’s friendly.



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