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Netflix won’t play at 4K: how to fix it

With everyone at home taking advantage of the Christmas period, you may have noticed that on occasion your broadcasts do not have the highest quality of service . And it is that although luckily we are not experiencing a situation similar to that previously seen during the first stages of confinement, it is still possible that we suffer the effects of a saturation of the lines.

That is why we want to dedicate this quick and simple tutorial to explain to you how you can configure your Netflix application to always play these contents in the highest quality.

Choosing the right Netflix plan and content

First of all, it is worth noting that only Netflix Premium plans have this option of 4K content available, so if we have a lower plan , only we can reach resolutions up to HD at 1080p.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the content we are trying to reproduce is not available in 4K . And it is because they are not marked on the title cards, on many occasions it is possible that we are trying to load incompatible content. To do this, we will only have to enter “4K” in the search bar to see only the titles that offer an Ultra HD transmission.

Use the appropriate device

Whether on a television, computer, or smartphone, our device may not be compatible with 4K content playback. Although in these cases Netflix will continue trying to transmit at this resolution (and therefore consuming a greater amount of data), our device will not show it as such .

Netflix won't play at 4K: how to fix it

Configure Netflix to play in 4K

Although we have the Premium plan contracted and our devices are compatible, Netflix is ​​not configured to transmit in 4K by default . And is that normally the default transmission quality setting is set to “Auto” mode, which will try to use the best possible combination of quality and data usage depending on the device we are using.

However, it is possible to change this setting to set the highest possible playback option. We will only have to load the Netflix profile in which we want to make these changes (yes, if we want to change it in all the account profiles we will have to repeat this step one by one), access the option of “Account” or “My profile” from the options menu, and access the “Playback settings” .

Once here, we must choose the setting of “High” to ensure that, although the data usage may be higher, our broadcast will not have any limitations regarding quality visual.

That said, it should be noted that this option will apply to all content and devices , so if we usually switch between devices such as mobiles, or if we have a limited data plan, we must save a larger be careful with these types of options.



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