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Ready for Windows 11? Does your PC meet all the requirements?

Windows 11 requirements have been a raging issue since the announcement of the operating system. In case you are still not sure, in this practical article we review the previous hardware checklist that every user who thinks about updating their equipment should make.

If no critical bugs are discovered in the latest tests, Microsoft will release the final version of Windows 11 tomorrow October 5. If you want to update computers with Windows 10, use it in new installations or run virtual machines, you will have to have minimum hardware requirements.

As we have told you in multiple articles (because the subject has been controversial and debated), Microsoft has increased the minimum requirements compared to those established for Windows 10/8/7 , which were basically the same. For Windows 11, in addition to the logical increase in RAM and storage space, Microsoft has added a UEFI with secure boot, the TPM security module and a graphics chip compatible with DirectX 12. And not all existing computers meet these conditions.

Windows 11 Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements to be officially fulfilled are known and apply to both physical and virtual machines:

  • Processor: 64-bit CPU with 2 or more cores, including in this listing .
  • RAM memory: 4 GB.
  • Storage: 64 GB.
  • Graphics chip: DirectX 12 compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Firmware: UEFI compatible with the ‘Secure Boot’ function.
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module version 2.0.
  • Screen: 9 inches with HD resolution.
  • Internet connection for Windows 10 Home.
  • Windows 10 version 2004 (for updates)

RAM and disk space . Little to say about RAM and storage. Any current mid-range PC up has quite a bit more installed and is really necessary to get a minimal system and application experience. If you need it, you can increase the memory and for storage, a 128 GB SATA SSD as a minimum size is priceless.

TPM . The trusted platform module is perhaps the most controversial component, although it is a classic. Widely used (almost by default) in business computers, it is a physical chip dedicated to security tasks, authentication, generation of cryptographic keys and in general to maintaining the integrity of the system. The required version 2.0 was introduced in 2015 and not yet present it can be installed additionally if the board has a free connector for it. Or enable firmware-based fTPM mode on the motherboard. You can check all this in the special dedicated to boards and CPU for Windows 11.

CPU . It so happens that the performance requirement is really minimal, but it has to be included in this list where excess power processors are left out to run the system.

Motherboard . Another of the minimum requirements of Windows 11 affects the firmware of your computer, which must be a UEFI compatible with Secure Boot. If you remember, rivers of ink ran from the Secure Boot when a few years ago it was implemented and blocked the installation of Linux systems and even previous Windows systems such as 7. It has to be supported on board and activated. There is little to do here except change the motherboard.

DX12 . Upgrading to Windows 11 will also require a component that is less talked about than the TPM, but which can leave many computers out, especially with older integrated graphics. The minimum requirement in this section is a graphics card compatible with DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x, the version of the multimedia libraries that Microsoft uses to control the PC gaming sector as Windows monopolized the desktop.

Software . If you are going to use Windows 11 to update previous systems, you must do it on Windows 10 version 2004 or higher. Using ISO images will allow you to update other versions or perform clean installations.

Other recommended requirements . The display needs are trivial because Windows 11 calls for 9-inch diagonal panels with 720p resolution. Others (recommended) range from audio systems to webcams and microphones for video conferencing; IR camera for Windows Hello; Wi-Fi 6E for the latest in wireless Internet connectivity; an NVMe SDD for DirectStorage; a 5G modem or support for HDR. They are optional requirements.

Does my PC meet the minimum hardware?

If you are not sure if your computer meets the minimum requirements, it is best to check the compatibility with the app “ PC Health Check ” published by Microsoft.

Ready for Windows 11? Does your PC meet all the requirements?

It is an executable ‘ WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup ‘ very easy to use that analyzes if it meets the requirements. The results are in sight if you meet them

Ready for Windows 11? Does your PC meet all the requirements?

If you want to use third-party applications to check the compatibility of your computer for Windows 11, the best one is ‘WhyNotWin11.exe’. Free, open source and as easy to use as download it from GitHub and run it to get the results:

Ready for Windows 11? Does your PC meet all the requirements?

What if I don’t meet the Windows 11 requirements? In theory, they will not be able to install Windows 11. Officially … Microsoft has adopted a pragmatic attitude because it will not be able to control the immense Windows ecosystem and the system can actually be installed on almost any computer, although the Redmond ones will not support them, nor will they be held responsible for them .

Hacked trial versions ready to be installed on any computer and tools capable of bypassing the verification of compliance with Windows 11 requirements are run on P2P networks. It is certain that they will also work with the final version that It arrives tomorrow and for which we are preparing a wide special of news and the ways to install it.



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