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Tv measurements: How many inches of tv to buy and how to calculate them?

If you are looking to renew your television, this note is for you. Remember that one of the most important factors to take into account to choose the ideal model, whether for your living room, dining room or bedroom, is its size (the inches of TV). And it is that the bigger it is, it does not always mean that it is more convenient for you. For this reason, today at Oechsle.pe we tell you about the different measurements of televisions : how many inches of TV to buy and how you can calculate them yourself. Stay with us and discover the ideal TV for each space in your home! Let us begin!

TV measurements:

Formerly, the choice of the size of the ideal television was based on the distance from where it was going to be watched. However, with the advancement of technology, that has changed. Today there are more factors that intervene when defining which TV to buy, such as: the type of consumption that will be given to it, where it will be placed, what type of light the environment has, among others.

How to calculate the measurements of the TV:

Tv measurements: How many inches of tv to buy and how to calculate them?

How big is a 40-inch TV? And a 50-inch one? To know it, you must follow some simple steps that we will detail below. But first, make sure you have a winch or inch handy.

All television screens, whatever their size, are measured in the same way: calculating their diagonal. That is, the distance between its upper left corner and its lower right corner. But now how to calculate tv inches in centimeters?

Calculating the inches of the TV in centimeters:

Surely what you want is to make sure that the new television you buy fits on your shelf or entertainment center, so it will be important to know how long an “x” inch television measures in centimeters.

Once you have your measuring instrument at hand, apply the rule: 1 inch of measurement equals 2.54 centimeters. So if, for example, you want to calculate how long the diagonal of a 40-inch TV is, you multiply 40 x 2.54 centimeters, which means that your TV screen measures 101.6 centimeters. Another example would be if you want to calculate the measurements of a 43-inch TV. For this case, you apply the same rule and multiply 43 x 2.54 cm, which would give you a result of 109.22 cm.

Of course, keep in mind that to get the calculation right you only have to measure the TV screen without counting the edge.

Measurements of televisions in inches and centimeters:

22 inches56cm50 inches127cm
24 inches24″55 inches140cm
28 inches71.1cm60 inches152.4cm
32 inches81cm65 inches165cm
40 inches101cm70 inches177.8cm
42 inches106.68cm75 inches189cm
43 inches109cm77 inches195.6cm
48 inches48″85 inches215.9cm
49 inches124.4cm

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What is the best television for each environment?:

Tv measurements: How many inches of tv to buy and how to calculate them?

The desire to want to implement a home theater environment can often lead you to buy a large television; however, this may turn out to be a poor decision. And it is that to know which is the best television for each environment, it will be necessary to take into account some factors such as how large is the space where your screen will be installed, the size of the TV , among others.

How to know the ideal TV inches for my space:

To find out which TV size goes best with your environment, you must take into account 2 main factors:

  • Distance: Space that exists from our eyes to the television.
  • TV resolution: the higher the resolution of a TV, the density of the pixels is greater, thus achieving greater sharpness and improving the level of detail of the image. In this way, it will be possible to have the screen a little closer without being able to appreciate the annoying colored dots (pixels).

Recommended distances according to the size of the TV:

Once you have the space selected, to calculate the separation distance that the sofa should have from the TV, it will be important that you first measure the size of the latter. Once you have the result, the minimum distance to watch TV should be twice the width of the equipment. In turn, the maximum should not exceed more than five times this measure.


  • 32 inches: minimum distance of 1.60 meters and maximum of 4 meters.
  • 42 inches: minimum distance of 2.10 meters and maximum of 4.50 meters.
  • 50 inches: minimum distance of 2.50 meters and maximum of 5.50 meters.

Respecting these distances will significantly contribute to improving the perception of images and the comfort of being able to watch TV without its size ruining the experience.

TV resolution:

As we mentioned, the optimal distance of a TV from a person’s eyes will also depend on the resolution of a TV screen. Currently, the most commercialized resolutions are HD, Full HD and 4k Ultra HD.

For example, for a 55-inch Full HD TV, the optimal distance would be 2m. For the same TV, but with 4K resolution, it should be 1m. In all cases, the minimum distance necessary to see an UltraHD television correctly is reduced to half of what is needed if you have a FullHD.

Now that you know how many inches of TV to buy, it will be time for you to look at the model and brand that best suits your needs. For this, Oechsle.pe brings you a variety of models and brands of televisions of the highest quality so that you can choose your favorite among the best. Do not delay the decision any longer. Discover the great sale of televisions and decide to renew your TV right now!



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