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Why Does My Phone Say Extended Network Verizon?

If your iPhone is saying that it’s on a ‘third party’ network, then it’s time to check its settings. This message appears when you’re not connected to a Sprint tower and roaming. While this is a nuisance, it’s usually not cause for alarm. To make sure your phone is on a ‘third party’ network in the first place, it is helpful to visit your carrier’s website and look for a note indicating this.

When your phone says ‘extended network,’ you’re actually on T-Mobile’s network, which covers nearly all of the United States. You’ll be able to use Sprint services even if your location is outside of T-Mobile’s coverage area. Since this is considered roaming, it won’t reduce your roaming limits, but will still appear on your monthly statement as ‘on-network’ use.

Extending your network is a general concept that Verizon implements. It’s a good idea to understand how this works before roaming and how to avoid being charged for it. When your phone says it’s on an ‘extended network’, it means you’re using a carrier other than Verizon. If you’re on a Verizon plan and are traveling to a different country, it’s better to check your coverage map.

why does my phone say extended network

If you have an un-AT&T phone, it might be showing ‘extended network’. The problem is that Extended LTE might cause network problems. It’s not as simple as setting up an un-AT&T network. If you’re in a dead zone, try to make sure you have Global settings enabled. This should improve your speed. The good news is that the extended LTE plan attracts no additional charges, making it the best option for internet access in most cases.

When you’re in a situation where you’re traveling, extended network service may be your only option. You’ll be left without service if you don’t activate it. Fortunately, this feature is easy to turn off and on again. By turning on Airplane Mode, you’ll trigger a reconnection and your phone will be able to continue using your network. It’s also worth noting that the data speed on extended networks is usually lower.

When your phone is on the ‘extended network’, it’s on a ‘dual’ network. The two networks are not necessarily the same. This is because they work in different areas. In some cases, the only difference between a dual-band network and an ‘extended’ network is that you can access a network from a different carrier. Typically, this service is free and is provided automatically by the service provider.

If you’re traveling abroad, check with your carrier about roaming policies. You may be able to connect to a ‘dual-band’ network. Depending on your provider’s policy, roaming can be expensive. If you’re not sure, turn off data roaming and ask your carrier to unlock your phone so you can access international networks. Then, connect to your chosen network and enjoy your new experience.



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