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A barrage of rumors about iOS 17

There are only a few weeks left until Apple tells us for the first time about iOS 17 , the future version of the iPhone operating system, of which we hope that its first beta version for developers will be released very soon after. The official presentation will take place during WWDC 2023 , which will begin next Monday, June 5, and in which we expect some quite interesting announcements from Cupertino. If you are curious about them, you can read here the ones we think will make the headlines of those days.

A few months ago, most of the rumors suggested that iOS 17 would be a minor revision of the operating system, with few and not very remarkable news. According to these voices, Apple had considered taking advantage of this version to give a good revision to the “guts” of the operating system, in order to optimize it and prepare it for more substantial changes in later versions. However, a little over two months ago that trend changed substantially, especially as a result of Mark Gurman’s statement that Apple had decided to bring important changes and innovations with this new version of iOS.

Since then, the most relevant news in this regard has undoubtedly been that iOS 17 could allow sideloading , that is, the installation of apps that do not come from the App Store, something that until now is only possible through TestFlight, the platform (also from Apple, of course) used by developers to deliver beta versions of their applications to users who are part of their testing programs. This, without any doubt, responds to the regulation of the European Union in this regard , something that we can confirm knowing that this function could only reach the common European area , and that Apple is testing a new system to ensure this limitation. geographical .

A barrage of rumors about iOS 17

Well, if we talked about Mark Gurman before, the popular analyst has once again shared information about the future version of iOS in Bloomberg and, according to that report, Apple does reserve some very interesting news for iOS 17 , along with other changes and Reviews that at first may not seem so important, but that can have a significant impact (in a positive way, that is) on regular users of the apps and functions that will be reviewed.

Most notably, without a doubt, iOS 17 will turn the iPhone’s lock screen interface into a connected home screen . After the twists and turns in the HomeKit review, it seems that Apple wants to give a boost to its functions in this field, something we already heard about at the beginning of the year, with the company’s hypothetical plans to create a new iPad that it would be more of a smart screen than a tablet . Until its arrival, or as an alternative, the iPhone screen with iOS 17 could assume this role.

Another advance, and this one has been around for some time, is that iOS 17 will include a diary app that will also be combined with the also rumored function of monitoring the emotional state of the user, information that could be used together with the other data collected by Salud in order to create a more complete profile. At this point, however, we will have to wait and see its conditions in terms of privacy, since we are talking about a type of information that, unfortunately, to this day continues to be quite stigmatizing.

For the rest, Gurman also points out that iOS 17 will include updates to Wallet, Find My, SharePlay and AirPlay , four functions that, as previously indicated, are part of the day-to-day life of many people (with the sole exception of Find My, whose use is always occasional). He has not revealed more specific details, so we will still have to wait a little less than two weeks to find out what they consist of… if they are confirmed, of course. And also, of course, which devices will be able to be updated .


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