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Amazon prepares its own chatbot

Amazon has a closer relationship with artificial intelligence than it may seem at first , although it is true that the great example of this is found in AWS (Amazon Web Services), its cloud services platform for third parties, in which for some time now we can find a large number of services and options to integrate machine learning and other technologies related to AI in our own developments.

This, of course, makes its position in this market, that of the provision of services to professionals, remarkable. However, if we talk about its services and consumer products, that is, those aimed at the final consumer, the situation changes substantially , since neither in its online commerce platform, nor in services such as Prime Video or Twitch, for To cite just a couple of them, we can find an AI presence similar to what other technology companies are showing.

This, of course, is explained in the first instance if we take into account that a web browser or a suite of productivity applications/services is not the same as a platform for selling products over the Internet . Now, if we stop to think about it a bit, actually there are some use cases of artificial intelligence in the context of online sales and, at this point, we must not forget that we are talking about Amazon, that is, the giant absolute sector, and therefore who can be expected to take the first steps in this regard.

Amazon prepares its own chatbot

Well, the rumors that, for some time, pointed in that direction, were not wrong. As we can read on Yahoo! Finance , Amazon is already working on a chatbot to integrate it into its search engine , that is, the one we use whenever we look for a product in the store. This information has been inferred, as is sometimes the case, from some job postings posted by the company, expressing an interest in artificial intelligence in connection with its search function.

More specifically, one of the offers to fill a senior software development engineer position indicates that the company is ” reinventing Amazon Search with an interactive chat experience .” Other offers are not so specific in terms of the type of implementation they are considering, but they do focus on the search function and, of course, also in the field of artificial intelligence , so it is not difficult to connect the dots .

Although I do not have specific data in this regard, both my experience of use and that of my immediate environment indicates that the search engine is used in a massive way , much more than browsing by categories and other means of navigation. Thus, the integration of a chatbot that allows you to refine the initial search, refine said results, helps to find products whose function we know but not its name and other functions in this line, can profoundly transform the product search experience in the store, something that at least a priori, sounds very promising.


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