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AMD Ryzen 8000 supports for now the 16 cores and a maximum TDP of 170 watts

The latest rumors about AMD have revealed some of the alleged characteristics of its future generation of desktop processors, which would be Ryzen 8000 and would have the code name ” Granite Ridge “. In addition to the foreseeable use of the Zen 5 architecture, everything seems to indicate that in some aspects it will be a conservative line, especially with regard to maintaining the maximum 16 cores for the aforementioned segment.

German news outlet PC Games Hardware and YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead have shared what would turn out to be some of the features of AMD’s desktop-oriented Zen 5 processors. The number of cores, whose name is Nirvana , will vary depending on the model between six and sixteen . This is in addition to a few central clusters combined into a new CCD called “Eldora” .

Continuing with more data exposed by PC Games Hardware, future AMD Ryzen 8000 processors would have a TDP ranging from 65 to 170 watts, up to 64 mebibytes of L3 cache, and up to 16 mebibytes of L2 cache .

For its part, Moore’s Law is Dead has leaked an alleged AMD roadmap in which you can see the products that the company intends to launch between 2022 and 2025. The fact that the word Server appears on the roadmap (server) might indicate that Granite Ridge would not refer to Ryzen 8000. However, you can see the maximum of sixteen physical cores and the TDP of between 65 and 170 watts.

Roadmap for AMD with Zen 5 for Servers

Another detail to take into account in the roadmap is the date of entry into production located between the first quarter of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025, but we remember that it is very possible that it is not the models oriented to consumption and gaming .

The data published by PC Games Hardware and Moore’s Law is Dead is in line with what we presented last month , when we said that Zen 5 would maintain the maximum sixteen cores in consumer-oriented models. Despite the fact that the number of cores does not point to increase according to the rumors that have spread so far, it is expected that there will be improvements on fronts such as the IPC .

Leaving aside the possible features of the Ryzen 8000 processors and the Zen 5 architecture, AMD has confirmed that there will be a future line with 3D V-Cache, which in the Ryzen 7000 seems to have been well received. AMD Ryzen 3D V-Cache processors implement a stacked level 3 cache, an aspect that can bring certain advantages, but with the drawback that they require special treatment when it comes to dissipation.


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