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Android 14 will improve screen recordings

Although there are still a few months to go before Android 14 begins to reach users of devices compatible with this new iteration of Google’s operating system, it has been some time since we began to know about the news that will come with it. This flow of information began to become official in February, when the first developer preview was published, it was updated (in addition to expanding its scope) when Beta 1 was released , and it was completed (until now, of course) with Beta 2. , published by Google last week, in the context of Google I/O 2023.

We are still, however, in a very interesting period of the gestation of Android 14, since during the first months, and at least until June, Google focuses on adding and testing new functions , so it still has a lot of room. to grow in this sense. This will end at some point, initially in June, when the focus shifts to the reliability and stability of the system, at which time the news will fade into the background, since the goal from that point on is for the operating system to arrive as soon as possible. polished as possible to its users.

Future betas will therefore show us a fairly large, practically total, portion of what Android 14 will be like and what it will offer us, but until then we will always be left with the previews and leaks that come to us through third parties, an information channel which has become essential in this sector, although on occasions (it is not the case at hand, I clarify) it becomes a headache for the companies indicated by them.

Well, we have a new preview of what awaits us in the next version of Android. As published by Mishaal Rahman, a freelance journalist specializing in this platform, Android 14 will offer more control over screen recordings , a function that is increasingly used, since it allows quick and convenient sharing from guides on how to perform a certain operation to save the fragment of a video call that we have had, among many other possibilities.

Until now, Android allows you to turn off the sound and not show the touches we make on the screen, but all the content that is displayed on the screen is always recorded, including notifications, something that compromises privacy when we share a video in which show some of them. This is going to change, since Android 14 will allow you to limit the screen recording to a single app . In this way, if we start a screen recording and, during it, a notification is displayed, it will not be captured in the video, which will prevent us from having to start the recording again, either consciously or accidentally. , share the video with that notification. This, without a doubt, represents a great advance in terms of privacy.


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