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Apple M3 SoCs will increase performance with more cores and memory

The Cupertino firm is internally testing the Apple M3, the next-generation chipsets that will power the next Mac computers. According to Bloomberg , advances in manufacturing process technologies will allow the addition of a greater number of cores and memory, “significantly” improving the performance .

Apple continues to complete its silicon program, changing the hardware architecture of its personal computers, replacing Intel’s x86 processors in favor of proprietary ARM-based designs. It must be said that this transition is being a success and the company is achieving what no other manufacturer has been able to achieve: a complete line of PCs with ARM. We’ve already discussed the reasons why Apple succeeds with ARM on the Mac and others don’t. Check out this special if you want to catch up.

The company is still rolling out the M2 SoCs and we expect news at the next developer conference, WWDC 2023 , such as the new 15-inch MacBook Air and especially the Mac Pro, the latest model yet to be updated with ARM and taking into account that it will it is about his professional work machine, the one that will truly give us the true measure of the possibilities of this architecture .

Apple M3 SoC

Apple M3 SoC: ‘more wood’

Apple is preparing for the future and is already testing its next generation of chips. Specifically, and according to Bloomberg, with a high-end MacBook Pro laptop running the macOS 14 operating system. The outlet says that in addition to the SoC’s capacity, it is testing it with third-party applications to ensure compatibility with its ecosystem. The software is one of the big reasons why ARM is running on Macs and not Windows PCs.

The Apple M3 will have a great novelty to start with, the jump to 3 nm . Manufacturing processes are key to pushing the limits of silicon and this generation will use the latest from the TSMC foundrie, in what will be a significant leap from current 5nm technology. This higher density will allow Apple to include a greater number of processing cores and memory. As in previous generations, Apple will use the hybrid design, combining high-performance cores with others that will seek the best energy efficiency in basic tasks.

There will be several versions of the SoC , depending on the equipment it is intended for and the level of performance pursued:

  • M3 Pro: 12-core CPU, 18-core GPU, and 36GB of RAM.
  • M3 Max: 14-core CPU, 40-core GPU.
  • M3 Ultra: 28-core CPU, 80-core GPU.

The Pro version would be the first to arrive in the first half of 2024 and for base models like the Mac Air, Pro, and the AIO iMac. An ‘Extreme’ version is also rumored to motorize the professional workstations of the future. We’ll tell you. Apple is the way to go for manufacturers who bet on ARM as the main hardware architecture in PCs.


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