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Apple Music Classical is now available on Android

Apple Music Classical, the version of Apple Music dedicated exclusively to classical music (in its broadest sense) debuted at the end of March , thus fulfilling the commitment made by Apple when it acquired Primephonic , back in the summer of 2021. It is true that this app arrived a little later than initially planned, since said plans indicated that its launch would take place sometime in 2022 but, as the proverb says, it is never too late if luck is good.

If you wonder, of course, if the happiness was good or not, I can assure you that it was. I am among the users who had set the App Store to automatically download the Apple Music Classical app as soon as it was available, on March 28, partly so that I could test it for a review of the service, which you can find here , but also out of genuine personal interest, because despite the fact that I consider myself completely illiterate on the subject, I enjoy listening to classical music and trying to learn about it, as I think was proven both in said analysis and in the review of Understand Classical Music . And from the first moment it was clear to me that Apple had hit the center of the bull’s-eye .

In said analysis, in which I expressed my complete satisfaction with the new app, I did regret that it was launched exclusively for iOS , without Apple informing about plans to bring it to other platforms, such as Android, iTunes for Windows or to the Apple Music web interface. At that time I invited everyone interested in said expansion to cross their fingers, hoping that said exclusivity was temporary.

Apple Music Classical is now available on Android

Well, fortunately it seems that those from Cupertino have not wanted to deprive users of the Google operating system of this excellent service. Thus, as you can check on Google Play , the Apple Music Classical app is now available for Android . Apple has not publicly informed about it and, what’s more, if we look for the link to Apple Music Classical in the Apple Music web interface, the links continue to direct us exclusively to the app in the App Store for iOS.

Something that is striking, at least in the first instance, is that Android receives this app before iPadOS has its own version for Apple tablets. However, we can understand that this falls within Apple’s commitment to Primephonic users on Android, since the app of the now extinct service was removed from Google Play, meaning that these users could only access Apple’s classic catalog through through the Apple Music app, which provides a far inferior experience to that offered by Apple Music Classical.


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