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Apple, on the hunt for experts in generative AI

Apple ‘s relationship with artificial intelligence is, to this day, somewhat puzzling . A few months ago there was an internal company event in which Tim Cook stuck out his chest talking about Apple’s advances in this technological field. This occurred at a time when news of generative models was being produced at the speed of light, so the CEO’s statement could seem, to say the least, a bit bold, given that the ones from Cupertino have never stood out, at least publicly. , in this regard.

I am not saying, beware, that Apple does not take its first steps in the use of artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the year we told you about an interesting proposal that allows you to convert textbooks into audiobooks . Now, as I said, this has been the only notable news from Apple in relation to artificial intelligence so far in 2023 … and we are just over a month away from reaching its halfway point. Meanwhile, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI, to name the most relevant but not the only ones, have made a lot of headlines for their advances in this field. Thus, as I was saying, I am surprised that the internal conception, in Cupertino, is so positive.

It is true, however, that if we review the company’s catalog of applications and services, the fit of the generative models does not seem as clear and evident as in other cases, as is the case with Google and Microsoft and their respective search engines. However, today there is still a lot of ground to be explored in this regard, so that any technology that is among the big ones, and Apple is one of them, should dedicate a significant effort in this regard.

Apple, on the hunt for experts in generative AI

It seems that, finally, those from Cupertino have decided to move in this direction because, according to what we can read in TechCrunch , Apple has launched itself into the hiring of experts in generative artificial intelligence , and it is especially interesting that it targets, in such a specific way, the generative models, since it is precisely the field in which their position seems most backward with respect to the current state of the market.

Among the company’s recently posted job postings, some are specifically focused on visual generative AI applications , targeting roles like ” visual generative modeling to power applications in computational photography, image and video editing, shape and motion reconstruction in 3D [and] avatar generation .” The common denominator of many of the offers is automatic learning (machine learning), and it seems that their plans involve integrating these professionals in various areas of the company’s work.

Tim Cook was recently asked about Apple’s future plans regarding artificial intelligence, but he gave no clues on any concrete plans. A few weeks after WWDC 2023 is held, perhaps that is when Apple decides to start sharing information about it.


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