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Apple trademarks the name xrOS, the launch of the viewer is imminent

There are only a few weeks left until WWDC 2023 is held , Apple’s annual meeting for developers in which, as we have been anticipating for a few months, the more than expected mixed reality viewer with which those from Cupertino will be presented They intend to completely revolutionize a market, that of viewers, which has never quite taken off, despite multiple attempts by various technology companies.

It is important, however, to clarify that when I say that the viewer is highly anticipated, I am mainly referring to the fact that rumors about it have been floating around for many years, as well as the leaks that have occurred this year about the same, have generated enormous curiosity . However, this does not mean that this level of waiting will necessarily translate into sales, even less if we take into account that something in which all the leaks agree is that its price will place the viewer very far from the reach of pockets. of the majority.

Within Apple the expectations are also quite diverse. It has been rumored for a long time that this is a particularly personal project for Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, and that he has placed great hopes in the impact that the viewer will have not only in the market, but also in the image of the company and Of course, on a social level. This, of course, is understandable, since we can understand that this viewer is the first project for a new device born, 100%, in the post-Jobs era, that is, in “its” Apple .

However, as we already told you a few months ago, this optimism does not seem to have permeated all the company’s workers . Rather the contrary, some employees and former employees of Apple would have spoken in rather pessimistic terms with regard to their assessment of the future of the viewer.

Apple trademarks the name xrOS, the launch of the viewer is imminent

Be that as it may, and with WWDC 2023 just around the corner, we once again have a new sign. As you will remember, at the end of last year we told you that Apple had registered the xrOS trademark , which put us on the track of the name that the viewer’s operating system will have. Well, now we can find, on the page of the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office , a new registration of xrOS, this time as a trademark and as a name, as well as the “logo” of the new operating system .

This record has been carried out by Deep Dive LLC , as was the case with the December records. According to several theories, this company, based in Delaware, United States, and founded in 2017, would actually be an Apple cover , that is, an instrument created, specifically, to carry out this type of activity in relation to the project of the mixed reality viewer, as well as the future virtual reality viewer, something that can be related to the name of this supposed cover.

In any case, the registration as a name is one more step , and therefore is de facto the main confirmation (indirectly, of course) by Apple that, despite other rumors pointing to a new delay, finally the visor that will see the light of day in just three weeks. It will be then when, finally, we will know how much of what has been leaked and rumored so far was true and, in view of the reliability demonstrated by these same leakers on previous occasions, it is most likely exactly what we already expect. .


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