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Apple Watch Series 8: what do we expect from the new generation?

There are still months until the debut of the Apple Watch Series 8, which will presumably take place between September or October. However, and as with everything that has to do with Apple , the advances and rumors do not know of dates . It is always a good time to try to find out what they are working on in Cupertino. And although undoubtedly the protagonism is usually for the iPhone, the entire Apple catalog has a place when it comes to theorizing.

Regarding the Apple Watch Series 8, some rumors have already spread, quite interesting to be honest, both those referring to what to expect of the main model, and some versions that could come from his hand. Obviously, before reviewing these rumors, it is important to remember that are speculations without any official endorsement by the company . And, therefore, you have to take them with due reservations, and do not be surprised if, as the weeks and months go by, you find totally contradictory theories.

That said, we began to dissect what we can expect from the Apple Watch Series 8, and how could it be otherwise, the protagonists of most of the rumors so far have been the new sensors that the watch could incorporate, as well as the metrics they would offer. And on this point, the one who stated that the great novelty of Apple’s smartwatch in this generation would be a thermometer .

However, according to analyst Mark Gurman, and this sensor could be delayed for a year, being then reserved for the Series 9 . This, in the absence of some not too likely surprise, would mean that as in the case of the Series 7, the Apple Watch Series 8 does not include new sensors, and that in this case it relies on improvements in its performance and, of course, in the development of new functions based on the elements that the watch already has from the 6 series, presented in 2020.

Apple Watch Series 8: what do we expect from the new generation?

Well beyond the Apple Watch Series 8, 9 and even 10, one would find other advanced sensors that have been talked about for a while , but whose technical complexity, and possibly the high cost of their implementation will delay their arrival until at least the second half of this decade. Personally, although fortunately in my case I do not need it, I think the most interesting is the one that will be able to measure blood glucose levels. That role can make a huge difference to many people.

On the other hand, there have also been some rumors that speak of different versions of the Apple Watch Series 8 , and most theories point to ab, and that therefore it could compete with other models of smartwatches specifically designed for this purpose and that, therefore, offer more safety against shocks and conditions, if not extreme, if certainly tougher than those faced by general-purpose watches.

The other rumor, also recurring, is that from the hand of the Apple Watch Series 8 would also come a new entry-level Apple Watch . Currently, this role is fulfilled by the Series 3, whose price is 219 euros and that we remember that it is already more than four years old, as it was presented in September 2017. A new, more updated entry-level model, which has at least part of the sensors and functions that have debuted on the platform from 2017 until now.

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