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ASRock Targets Launch of New Intel CPUs for the More Powerful LGA1700 Socket

A new press release from ASRock motherboards has reinforced the rumors that point to the possible launch of new Intel CPUs for the LGA1700 socket, a socket that as our regular readers already know is used by Core Gen12 (Intel Alder Lake-S) processors. and by Core Gen13 ( Intel Raptor Lake-S ) processors.

The truth is that it is not the first time that the arrival of a third wave of Intel CPUs for said socket has been considered. During the last months we have been seeing rumors that pointed to a possible intergenerational renewal of Raptor Lake-S, and this was acquiring more and more sense after the numerous voices that assured that Intel would not launch a version of Meteor Lake for desktop , and that said generation would be limited to laptops.

According to ASRock, its new Z790 motherboards are ready to “support future CPUs that will have even higher power needs.” I think that these words are very clear, and that they highlight that the launch of new high-performance Intel CPUs, and with a higher consumption, for the LGA1700 socket is pending. Those new processors should be the rumored Intel Raptor Lake Refresh .

Intel CPUs

We must be clear that the Intel Lake Refresh processors are not going to introduce changes in everything regarding the count of cores and threads, and that they will use the same architecture as the current generation. The only important difference that will allow the chip giant to improve performance will be in an increase in the working frequencies, and it is clear that in order for these to be maintained in a stable way, it will be necessary to increase consumption.

We don’t have any concrete information yet, but thanks to the information that ASRock has shared, it is almost confirmed that Intel Raptor Lake Refresh will be a reality, and that they will represent a minor improvement compared to the current generation. It will be interesting to see what level of frequencies these processors are capable of reaching, and also what level of consumption and temperatures they will have.

On the AMD side we do not expect any kind of intergenerational renewal. The Sunnyvale company has already launched the non-X Ryzen 7000 and the models with 3D stacked cache, so its next step will be the launch of new processors based on the Zen 5 architecture , something that should take place in 2024, at least in theory. Regarding the launch of the new Raptor Lake-S Refresh, everything seems to indicate that they will hit the market at the end of this year.


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