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Bing already shows a conversation history

One of the most anticipated functions of the new Bing has finally arrived. As you will remember, at the beginning of the week we told you that Microsoft was deploying a widget for Android and iOS . In the announcement of that launch, Microsoft anticipated other new features that were close to debuting, and among them was something that we have been talking about for a long time. , the highly anticipated history of conversations with Bing .

This, as I say, is not really a surprise, because after the demand for this function by users from its first days, already at the end of March we had an official confirmation that they were working on it . However, it can be imagined that the infrastructure necessary to provide the history, that is, the one that will have to store it, must have a size that is difficult for ordinary mortals to measure , and that its management also poses some technical and regulatory difficulties. .

Thus, despite the fact that at that time they told us that they were already getting to work, it made sense to imagine that the change would not be immediate , although I do admit that I am a bit surprised that, given the success of ChatGPT and its operation (which includes history from the first day), in Redmond they did not put this function in the list of those that should already be available from the very launch of the service, since it is something that has always been highly valued in the OpenAI chatbot.

Bing already shows limited conversation history

The good news, for those who have been waiting for it, is that Bing’s chat history is now available . As you can see in the image above, when you access the chatbot, a list with the most recent conversations you have had with the chatbot will be displayed on the right side, so that with a simple click of the mouse you will be able to recover the conversation exactly in the point where you left it. At least in the tests I’ve been doing, it works really fast, even faster than getting an answer to a new question.

When you resume the conversation at the point where you left it, you will see that the remaining interaction counter of the same remains , and if it is a conversation in which you reached the limit of the same, you will be able to review it again but, obviously, you will not be able to continue with it. This is, without a doubt, one more reason why Microsoft can be expected to continue polishing Prometheus to avoid hallucinations and, in this way, it is possible to increase the number of interactions per conversation.


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