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Blizzard confirms BlizzCon 2023 for November 3 and 4

Until a few hours ago, the status of BlizzCon 2023 was similar to that of Schrödinger’s cat in the box . It is true that Blizzard confirmed last year its plans to recover it this 2023, but given the complicated situation that Microsoft’s attempted acquisition of Activision-Blizzard King is going through, after the incomprehensible decision of the CMA to block the operation in the United Kingdom , although it is true that those of Redmond could consider going ahead even in these circumstances , especially now that the European Union has given its approval .

Thus, there were many doubts about whether this long-awaited BlizzCon 2023 would finally take place, so Blizzard has decided to put an end to doubts about it , not only confirming that the plans for the event go ahead , but also giving some important information, as the date of celebration that, as we have already told you in the title of this news item, will be November 3 and 4 , that is, Friday and Saturday of the first weekend of the month.

In addition, it has also confirmed that the event will be held at the Anaheim, California Convention Center , which is the largest exhibition facility on the American West Coast. Thus, for the first time since 2019 , the meeting for fans of the Blizzard franchises will once again be held in person, although the online format that has become so popular since 2020 and that allows you to enjoy the event from anywhere in the world will also be maintained. .

Let’s remember that after the 2019 event, BlizzCon 2020 was suspended as a result of the pandemic, that the 2021 edition was renamed BlizzConline for having an exclusively online format, and that the 2022 edition was canceled as a result of the terrible revelations about the cases. of sexual and labor harassment that took place continuously in the company. So, barring surprises, this BlizzCon 2023 will mean the recovery of normality after quite turbulent years for the company.

Blizzard has not revealed more information about the event, but it has announced that it will expand the information about it next month. We hope, however, we can imagine that Diablo IV, already launched on the market at that time, will have a very relevant role , and we also expect news about Warcraft and Overwatch. A World of Warcraft announcement seems less likely, given that its most recent expansion, Dragonflight , only hit the market a few months ago, as did the Classic branch update to Wrath of the Lich King.


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