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Brave debuts vertical tabs and image-to-text copy option

Brave 1.52 is the new version of the lion’s browser, the one known for its focus on privacy protection and the crypto world, although in this release in question, its main novelty is a practical one, which is also very good . And it is not the only one.

It should also be remembered that this new version of Brave appears in the heat of Chromium 114 , the base on which it is based, worth the redundancy, and from which it takes its basic news, it is worth insisting. As an example, Chrome 114 , although just the highlight of that release is yet to come to Brave. In any case, Brave has its own tools in this regard, which is none other than the aforementioned privacy protection.

However, Brave 1.52 is going in another plan and although it has changes and improvements that point to the two usual focuses, functionality is the star of this release. To highlight, the vertical tabs , a feature already seen in other browsers that Brave now implements in a similar way, but with its own touch. By default, yes, the classic horizontal tab bar is the option used.

Brave 1.52

Vertical tabs are seen as they are in the image above these lines and are obviously recommended for large screen scenarios where horizontal space is greater. However, an option to collapse the bar has been included, so that the space wasted is further reduced. When collapsed, the tabs only show the site icon and their display works like the browser’s sidebar, opening when the cursor approaches.

How to turn vertical tabs on and off? Either from the tabs section in the appearance section of the application settings, or through the context menu of the tabs , a faster method. Note that when you use the vertical tabs, they will sit on the left side, displacing the regular side panel of the browser where bookmarks, reading list and so on are located to the right.

Brave 1.52

Finally, this new version of Brave brings another novelty, one as curious as the option to copy the text of an image , a known functionality that the browser implements, for now, only for Windows users. There are applications for this and even extensions, but that the browser gives it to you as standard is always appreciated.

Well, and one more: the news page begins to spread among all users, one that will be displayed every time the browser is updated and in which, in the style of Chrome, the news of the version are summarized. In addition, it is already translated into Spanish. You can see it at that link. And in this one, the release notes , with all the details listed.


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