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ChatGPT jumps to mobility and is now available for iPhone and iPad

OpenAI has announced the availability of the official ChatGPT app for iOS and with it the use of the popular AI chatbot on iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets .

There have been many dubious and unofficial ChatGPT services that have reached the App Store weeks ago. As announced, now comes the official client for Apple mobile devices. It is free and without ads , although at the moment it is only available in the United States. The company assures that it will soon extend it to the international market and has also announced that the Android version will be available “soon” .

ChatGPT jumps to mobile

You already know that ChatGPT is the chatbot of fashion. Since it hit the general public last November it has gained immense popularity and has forced other tech giants to launch their own solutions, with Google Bard as the top contender. Although until now its access was produced via the web through “”, the launch of mobile apps for the main platforms was planned.

ChatGPT for iOS basically offers what its desktop counterpart does, allowing users to interact with the artificial intelligence of this chatbot to ask questions and get answers in any field, without the need to perform a traditional web search. Still in the ‘prototype’ phase, the chatbot has been refined through reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) with the GPT model (currently in version 4), the neural network on which it works and which is believed to be the largest on the planet of its kind.

The mobile app syncs your history across all devices, which means it will know what you’ve previously searched for through its web interface and work accordingly. The app is integrated with Whisper, OpenAI’s open source speech recognition system , which allows you to interact with the chatbot using voice input.

ChatGPT for iOS

Access is as simple as downloading the app from the App Store on an Apple mobile device running iOS 16.1 or higher and logging in with your account.
ChatGPT Plus subscribers will be able to access GPT-4 capabilities through the new app, says OpenAI, as well as receive early access to new features and faster response times. You already know that the chatbot has a subscription payment option for $19.90 per month.

Obviously, being able to access ChatGPT directly on mobile, outside of a search engine or web browser, is a level leap that could change the way people use their phones . The app’s arrival comes just days after Google removed the waiting list for its own AI chatbot, Bard. And it is that Google is playing the future of its search engine, which is to say of the same company.

Are you afraid of the enormous advances of these AI models and the potential for harmful use?

You’re not alone. It should be remembered that a group of 1,000 people, including scientists, engineers, intellectuals, businessmen, politicians and big names in world technology, signed an open letter in March requesting a six-month suspension of the development of the largest construction projects. Artificial Intelligence, given the “profound risks to society and humanity” that they can pose without proper control and management.

With the launch of ChatGPT for iOS and in a few weeks the Android version, the phenomenon is already unstoppable . Here the “ethics of AI” has already passed into the background and you only think about the business that it can produce. And it’s a lot. Of course, they try to get as many users as possible because the natural language processing model is still in its “learning” phase and each interaction adds to improving the neural networks on which they work.


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