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Confirmed: Twitter has a new CEO, Linda Yaccarino

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter and became the CEO of the company, circumstances have not stopped happening that have pointed in a very clear direction, and that is that the billionaire was not, by far, the best option to run the company. . And beware, this is not just a personal appreciation, as was made quite clear in the survey created by Musk himself on Twitter, and which resulted in him resigning from office, appointing another person, a result that he stated that he would accept, although it is true that with much more calm than would have been expected.

The last thing we knew about it was that his plans were to make said change at the end of this year, after having put out the constant fire that Twitter has become since it was in his hands. However, more and more fronts have been putting pressure on the owner to stop being, at the same time, also the CEO of the company, a move that really makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons.

Although it is true that Twitter no longer has to report to shareholders, there are other parties directly involved in the monetization of the platform that are sensitive to Musk’s policies , such as users of the social network, as well as advertisers who They resort to it to carry out their campaigns. And if one or both parties react negatively to such measures, revenue declines, which is precisely what Musk is aiming to avoid, if only to recoup at least some of the huge investment it took to buy Twitter.

Thus, it seems that he has finally given in to reason, even partially, and, as he himself has communicated through a message on his account, he has hired Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter , thus giving the leaks that produced yesterday . From what we can read in said publication, both, in their respective roles, will share the management of Twitter, with Yaccarino assuming commercial operations, and Musk focusing on product design and new technologies, a distribution that seems, at least to First of all, quite correct.

Jaccarino has resigned, to assume the executive direction of Twitter, his position as chief advertising officer at NBCUniversal Media , a company of which he has been a part for more than eleven and a half years, after having been vice president of Turner, also with a role directly related to marketing and advertising. This invites us to think about a normalization that could have a positive impact on the accounts of the social network, although, of course, for that it is essential that Musk slow down a bit.


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