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Conga 2290 Ultra: forget about sweeping and mopping

Did you ask the Three Wise Men for a Conga 2290 Ultra but, for whatever reason, they brought you a scarf, gloves, a cologne or a tie instead? Don’t worry, you are not alone, and the clearest proof of this is the huge queues that we have been able to see, in recent days, at the returns counters in shopping malls. Now, what their majesties have not done for us, we can amend if the right circumstances arise .

Such is the case, precisely, of what is happening these days with the Conga 2290 Ultra from CECOTEC , a professional cleaning robot that sweeps, vacuum, mop and scrub (if probably four of the most boring and heavy household chores), always in an orderly and intelligent manner, to ensure the best result. A good part of its effectiveness is due to SmartGyro 4.0 technology, which combines the mapping of the house with its gyroscopic, proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors, which simultaneously guarantee the autonomy of the robot and the cleaning of the entire surface that it has. been entrusted.

To make it even easier to control, Conga 2290 Ultra has WiFi and offers several options, so you can always choose the most convenient one. For a place it has its own app that will allow you to select which tasks it should carry out at any given time, as well as the settings related to it (such as intensity), and which will also show you, in a visual representation of your home, where, for further monitoring.

Conga 2290 Ultra: forget about sweeping and mopping

L Another possibility to control it is based on Amazon (Alexa) and Google voice assistants. And yes, it is possible to connect the Conga 2290 Ultra to your smart home infrastructure and, in this way, be able to activate cleaning simply through a voice command. By this means you can also tell the robot to stop cleaning, to return to the base, or to indicate its location through a sonic alert.

To guarantee the effectiveness of its actions, the Conga 2290 Ultra combines a suction power of up to 2,100 Pa , the BestFriend Care system with two interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles , eight modes of use, its Jalisco brush, a pet detection system so that they cannot interfere with the cleaning process, adjustable levels for all its actions… the list is endless and, thanks to these functions, you will always be sure to have the shiny floors. All this, of course, with the security of opting for a brand as established and recognized as CECOTEC.

If at any time you have considered getting a robot like the Conga 2290 Ultra, but its normal price has dissuaded you from doing so, we have very good news, and that is that now you can find it on Amazon with an unbeatable price, already which has a 50% discount. You can forget about sweeping, mopping and scrubbing, taking advantage of the fact that, for a few days, its usual price of 399.99 euros has been reduced to 199.99 euros , an offer that you should take advantage of.



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