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CORSAIR 2000D AIRFLOW and 2000D RGB AIRFLOW, the good essences…

Small form factors, like Mini-ITX, which is what these CORSAIR 2000D AIRFLOW and 2000D RGB AIRFLOW are built for , have come a long way over the years. In its early days, it is normal that they accommodate systems of moderate performance, since they focused more on size and efficiency than on power. This, of course, makes many people associate small teams with this condition, despite the fact that this has long ceased to be the case.

Component manufacturers, especially chassis and motherboard manufacturers, have long put considerable effort into providing high-performance, small-footprint solutions. The role of motherboards is, of course, to adapt and offer all the necessary elements but reducing the size with respect to more conventional designs. And that of the chassis, being able to provide a cabin that accommodates state-of-the-art components, despite the fact that in some cases its size only grows. And no, I’m not just saying this for graphics cards, although they are the most obvious example, PCIe Gen 5 SSDs also require more space, due to the need to use a heatsink .

Well, the CORSAIR 2000D AIRFLOW and 2000D RGB AIRFLOW cases just introduced by CORSAIR are a perfect example of how it is possible, thanks to a really intelligent design, to accommodate all the components necessary to assemble a high-performance gaming PC, while also fulfilling their needs, in a box with dimensions of 458 x 271 x 200 mm and 24.4 liters in volume , thus adapting like a glove to what users are looking for in the Micro-ITX format.

In these dimensions, both models are capable of accommodating a full-length, triple-slot graphics card, up to 365 mm , as well as AiO liquid cooling systems with that length limit, that is, it adapts to the immense most solutions of this type currently on the market.

CORSAIR 2000D AIRFLOW and 2000D RGB AIRFLOW, the good essences...

For ventilation, the CORSAIR 2000D RGB AIRFLOW case is equipped with three CORSAIR AF120 RGB SLIM fans (the 2000D AIRFLOW doesn’t have fans as standard), but both models can accommodate up to eight 120mm fans , along with various radiators, including one of 360 mm on the side and another of 240 mm on the back, depending on the size of the graphics card, yes. In addition, the front, side and top panels are removable , if this best suits our needs, as well as facilitating assembly and maintenance tasks inside the PC.

To power the system, both models are compatible with SFX and SFX-L form factor power supplies up to 130mm in length, so offerings like the recent CORSAIR SF1000L can provide up to a thousand watts of power – more than enough. even for the most demanding gaming PC.

Already available in the US market, the CORSAIR 2000D AIRFLOW and 2000D RGB AIRFLOW will soon arrive in the Spanish market . You can now request to be informed of their availability at this link for the 2000D AIRFLOW and at this link for the 2000D RGB AIRFLOW. Both models will be available in black and white, and their prices are 124.90 euros and 169.90 euros respectively.


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