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Corsair updates its iCUE platform and Elgato Stream Deck plugin

The software ecosystem offered by Corsair is undoubtedly one of the most important values of the American company in everything related to its peripherals and components. I’m talking about iCUE , a platform that, as our regular readers will know, allows us to control different aspects of peripherals and components , customize its RGB LED lighting, and create synchronized effects and patterns.

Keeping the iCUE platform up to date is essential not only for it to function correctly, but also for it to continue offering a good user experience. Corsair knows this, and that is why it has announced an important renewal of said platform that brings important improvements that affect both the installer and the start and configuration.

Corsair updates its ported iCUE platform

The first thing that stands out is a significant reduction in the size of the iCUE installer, as well as the installation file of said tool. This has been possible because, thanks to the new modular architecture of iCUE , a process of recognition of the components and peripherals that we use is carried out, and in this way it will include only the settings that are necessary for all of them.

If we want to expand the possibilities of iCUE, no problem, we can install additional modules such as NVIDIA Broadcast , as well as other third-party lighting controls and create a more personalized iCUE interface. I’ve already had a chance to try it out, and I have to say that Corsair has done an excellent job with this major facelift they’ve given iCUE.

On the other hand, the Californian company has also confirmed the launch of a new Corsair iCUE add-on for the Elgato Stream Deck. With it we can perfectly control the iCUE settings from said peripheral, the Stream Deck Mobile application or the Stream Deck functions in the macro keys of the CORSAIR keyboard.

Corsair updates its ported iCUE platform

Thanks to this new plugin we can now do many more things , such as changing lighting profiles on the fly, viewing temperatures and statistics of our PC or adjusting the speed of CORSAIR fans and cooling presets, muting the microphone , adjust equalization and surround sound, and control NVIDIA Broadcast. As it could not be otherwise, we can also customize both the icons of the keys and the images they show.

Improving the user experience and reducing the consumption of resources are two important values that Corsair has perfectly applied with these updates, which are now available for free through the company’s official website .


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