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Farewell to RARBG, another torrent giant that bites the dust

RARBG was one of the most popular torrent sites on the Internet. Specialized in high-quality video, it had been operating since 2008 from various domains, adding millions of users. He just said goodbye, as we read in TorrentFreak .

Torrent sites , like the rest of the peer-to-peer file sharing networks that we know as P2P, are not going through their best moment, although millions of users continue to use them daily for their ability to distribute large files and as an alternative to the server-based distribution system.

The legal pressure from the industry due to copyright issues, the reduction of positioning in the big search engines like Google and the explosion of streaming services as the preferred method of consuming multimedia content, has been reducing the use of P2P and although BitTorrent is the The only system that still maintains large numbers of traffic, the reality is that it has lost a portion of users and also large dedicated portals.

Farewell to RARBG

This portal was started in 2008 and in a short time it became a key player in the torrent ecosystem. The site not only attracted millions of monthly visitors from around the world, but was also a major launch hub, bridging the gap between the Scene and the general public.

The site specialized in high-quality video content , from DVD to high-resolution Blu-ray. Content mostly pirated, so as not to deceive us, but with others in the public domain and original versions that always maintained great video and audio quality.

Farewell to RARBG

But nothing lasts forever and the site has said goodbye with a brief text message that can be seen on the official page and that it cites as reasons from COVID, with the death of someone from the Ukrainian war team where they cite that “some are fighting on both sides” .

They also talk about the economic problems to maintain this type of sites that today do not report the “millionaires” income that the industry has been talking about. « Inflation makes our daily expenses impossible to cover. Therefore, we can no longer run this site without massive expenses that we can no longer cover out of pocket. After a unanimous vote, we have decided that we can no longer do this.”

The goodbye of this site marks the end of the popular RARBG releases, many of which were also shared on other torrent sites, and is one of the biggest closures since KickassTorrents, ExtraTorrent or Torrentz in 2016, although in the latter case the closure was forced after the arrest of its administrator for copyright infringement. Surely other smaller portals will take their place, but the real RARBG no longer exists.


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