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Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ cause banana-shaped blur in photos

Some owners of the standard Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones have complained that an area that has been called “banana blur” appears in their photos, which is pretty descriptive in itself.

Basically, the bug discovered in the Galaxy S23 series phones consists of one or more areas in the shape of a banana (or banana, which in this context doesn’t matter much either) in which the image obtained by the camera appears blurrier than the rest . If we take into account that we are talking about the line of smartphones that competes directly with Apple’s iPhone, this discovery will have been unpleasant for the affected users.

The failure has been made known as a result of a report by a Polish user named s9tralala who has published photographs on the Samsung forums in which you can see what has been called “banana blur.” Given this report, it seems that the South Korean giant has decided to take note to work on a patch to correct the bug, which fortunately can be resolved with software . If this is not the case and the origin is in the hardware, the company could face a much more complicated problem.

While users of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones wait for the patch to arrive, they can apply a couple of mitigations: take a photo from at least 30 centimeters away and try to keep the smartphone vertically.

The camera has become one of the most important parts of smartphones, and for many it is even the most important. From what is known so far, the “banana blur” bug has not affected a large number of users, or may not have been noticed by many. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is not known to be affected .

Thanks to the fact that it can be corrected with software, in the end the problem suggests that it will remain an anecdote, but Samsung could already dedicate more efforts to polishing the experience offered through its devices to the maximum instead of introducing a quantity of bloatware that would make even many Microsoft OEMs blush .


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