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GIGABYTE Issues Statement Regarding SOC Voltage Less Than 1.3V on AMD AM5 Motherboards

GIGABYTE has come forward to clarify the doubts that have been raised as a result of the information that has been published in various media, where they assumed that the SOC voltage on their AMD AM5 motherboards is higher than 1.3 volts, and that This was even more evident when an EXPO profile was enabled in the BIOS and at the configuration level to overclock the RAM.

On this topic, when it comes to SOC voltage measurement, the point and method of measurement are critical. These must be real and reliable, because the SOC voltage itself could introduce small variations.

Note that the measurement of the internal SOC voltage of the processor via the SVI3 interface is the most important indicator for motherboards, and it will be lower than the PWM output voltage due to various physical factors that have not been taken into account. account.

Users can use the HwiNFO software to accurately check the internal SOC voltage of the processor through the SVI3 interface , which is indicated by the application as “CPU Voltage VDDCR_SOC (SVI3 TFN)”. Said value is informed by the internal sensor of the processor, and is capable of showing the real voltage.

GIGABYTE uses HwiNFO to monitor the SOC voltage on its AM5 motherboards and check that it is below 1.3 volts, which has been confirmed by AMD . All of GIGABYTE’s AM5 line of motherboards, which are geared to support the red giant’s Ryzen 7000 processors, follow AMD’s 1.3 volt SOC voltage guideline when EXPO is enabled.

GIGABYTE constantly works closely with AMD to follow their guidelines and fully comply with their official specifications and requirements, all with the aim of delivering high-quality and fully reliable products. The company has published a video through the AORUS channel on YouTube in which it shows how to correctly measure the SOC voltage on an AM5 board, and we leave it right below.


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