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GIGABYTE strengthens the security of its motherboards

GIGABYTE motherboards are among the favorites of a huge number of users . And there is no shortage of reasons for this, since technology quickly adapts to the technological innovations proposed by the rest of the industry on its various fronts, but also always offering a very broad catalog of proposals, in order to adapt in this way to all kinds of budgets, from the entry-level to the top of the high-end range.

Although there are cases of all types, most users, when choosing a motherboard , focus on technical specifications (and their subsequent features, of course), size and, of course, price. This is the most logical thing in the world, of course, since the third point will determine if they can be done with it, and the first two will outline the guidelines of what will be your future PC. However, there is one very important aspect but not so many people pay attention to, at least initially, security.

The motherboard, and this is something GIGABYTE is very aware of, plays a key role in one of the most critical moments for the security of any system: its booting . And it is that if an attacker manages to interfere in it, the security measures established in the operating system and the security software that it has will be of no use. Securing system startup, which is something the operating system cannot take care of since it has not yet come into operation at that point, critically depends on the protection that the technology itself implemented at startup can provide.

GIGABYTE strengthens the security of its motherboards

Long aware of this responsibility, GIGABYE has released an update to its motherboard BIOSes that improves the verification process, thereby mitigating recently identified risks in some motherboard models. In this regard, the manufacturer’s response speed is more than remarkable, since it has been able to publish these updates in a matter of hours. According to the company, these are the two improvements introduced in this latest version of its software:

  • Signature Verification – GIGABYTE has strengthened the validation process for files downloaded from remote servers. This enhanced verification ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the content, thwarting any attempt by attackers to insert malicious code.
  • Privileged Access Limitations – GIGABYTE has enabled standard cryptographic verification of remote server certificates. This ensures that files are downloaded exclusively from servers with valid and trusted certificates, ensuring an additional layer of protection.

BIOS updates for Intel 700/600 and AMD 500/400 series boards are already available on the manufacturer’s website, while those for Intel 500/400 and AMD 600 series will also be released today , thus providing complete protection to its users who, yes, must proceed to update the BIOS of their PCs.

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